restart a plugin (not the whole bukkit-server)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by o0Julia0o, May 2, 2013.

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  1. hi :)

    how can i restart a specific plugin. Not the whole bukkit-server.


    Julia :)
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    You can do /reload which will reload all plugin instances (and sometimes can crash your server if you have many plugins and worlds) or many plugins also have there own reload feature which you would have to look up the plugins documentation for details. Some quick ones that reload configs for some popular plugins off of the of my head are as follows:

    Essentials: /ess reload
    WorldEdit: /we reload
    WorldGuard: /wg reload

    etc etc.
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    I would not recommend using /reload. To restart a plugin use it's reload command. Never use a plugin reload command or the server /reload to update a plugin, that WILL cause extreme issues.

    /reload doesn't actually unload the old instance of the plugin, meaning the old one is still around.
  4. thx, but if a plugin hasn´t an own reload-function: is there a possibility to reload a single plugins without reloading all the other plugins or the whole bukkit-server? i searched for a plugin, which can do that, but i don´t found anything. So you can tell in the config of the plugin-reload-plugin: plugin1.jar - and only this plugin is reloaded if a write command: /prp reload, or i write /prp reload plugin2.jar


    julia :)
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    You could use a plugin-management plugin like PlugMan. When you got it installed on your server, you can use /plugman reload <Plugin>
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    What would be your reason for restarting the plugin? If it is to update... You must restart the server. It's not worth it having 2 conflicting copies of classes loaded. For just config, it's best to request it from the plugin author.
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