Resource with Cooldown (wood,ores,crops)

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    Resources with a cooldown (1.15.2)
    Small introduction:
    Me and the team I am with are working on an enourmous Quest World in Minecraft. We have been running a server called ScoutCraft for the last couple of months and we want to give our playerbase (mainly scouts from the Netherlands) something new!

    Now we have been building a lot and the Quest World itself is practically done... but now comes the hard part, the plugins behind everything to make stuff work.

    We have been using QuestCreator to make the storylines and branches in the world for players to get lost in, yet we miss 1 important thing. That thing will be further explained down below.

    The problem that needs solving:
    We are looking for a plugin that puts cooldowns on resources. The Questworld is a place that may not be alterred by the players (they wont have permission to destroy anything in the world) yet we want people to be able to gather resources from chopping down trees , mining in the mine or harvesting crops.

    How do we think that is possible:

    We want a plugin that gives players recources by spawning items. The idea is as follows:

    1. Resource: wood
    The player walks towards a tree and starts "chopping". the moment the player has chopped long enough the tree will disappear (except for a trunk), a Hologram will appear with how much time it will take for the tree to grow back (5 minutes for instance) and the player gets the configured loot. After 5 minutes the tree "grows" back and the player is able to harvest the tree again. There should be a configuration in the plugin to alter the drops from 1 tree.

    2. Resource: ores
    The player walks towards a orevein (for instance an Iron_Ore block). the player can "mine" this block 3 times, after that the ore changes to a normal stone and gets a hologram, just like the trees, with a countdown timer. After the countdown is finished the ore will reapear.

    3. Resources: crops
    Practically the same as the both options above. the player gathers a crop 3 times for instance and a hologram appears. after the timer is done the crop is available for harvest again.

    If anyone would like to make this plugin: let me know!
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    Does the resources(the tree,ores,crops) dissapear for just the player that broke them or for all the players?
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    If possible: only for the player who broke the resource. It would be nice if there is a visual change as in a chopped down tree and a changed ore block to stone... but if that is not possible than that is no problem. Would be really nice though.

    Something like a visual display as a hologram or something to show that the tree has been chopped down and how long it takes till it grows back is a must have for a plugin of this type though.

    I guess it is possible to make a plugin in such a way that each resource can be used by different players at once. But if its not than I am the last to judge since i almost do not know anything about writing scripts myself. im just used to configuring plugins
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    Also you forgot to tell us the version.
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    I totally did. It's for the java 1.15.2 version. (changed the original message too)
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    Would you like to help gochi9? or do you know someone who might want to?
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    Well i might and maybe these days but i have some stuff to do. So if it's not ready in a few days then i'll take the request.
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    @scout_tiger ok so i might do it but i still want to know a few more details. Do you want a command to spawn the tree,ores and crops or are you just going to use the naturraly generated ones.
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    We can do oe of two things, or i'll try to explain everything in text, or we call eachother on discord. which do you like the most?
    (Sorry for the late response. I was having a short vacation)

    quick answer--> trees are schematics and the ores are just ores, but we want to place every single one of them by hand, so a command to place them would be great. I personally think that talking on discord is the fastest way to explain everything and to answer your remaining questions
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    Well i won't be using schamatics but i will find a way. I also have a few projects to work on so i won't prioritize this and since you did not gave a specific time limit i guess you're not in a hurry
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    It'd be nice if it's fixed in a month or so, so not really a hurry. The faster the better ofcourse, guess thats all the same for every project you've worked on.

    i did some research and found out that WynnCraft uses a similair system with wood-gathering. they use Structure_blocks as a way to show the trees. they are completely client-side. in the dev-server there are just structure_blocks in the ground with no tree visible yet in the normal world you have trees.

    I have no clue how any of this works, but I thought i'd tell you as a source of inspiration.

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