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    I have a new idea for an economy/villager plugin. I am not sure if it has been created but I thought I would just throw my idea out here. First off this would create a more "minecraft" economy instead of using things like iConomy or the essentials eco.

    What this plugin will do:
    It will allow users to create a villager and supply it with items they are selling.

    ex. Player A spawns a villager and then opens up the villagers inventory and fills it with cobble (The villager will sell cobble)

    The player will then be able to input how much of the cobble the villager will sell per emerald (1 emerald = 64 cobblestone etc.) This means when Player B trades with Player A's villager, for every emerald he gives the villager, Player B will receive the 64 cobblestone.

    After Player B finishes trading with the villager, the emerald will be transferred either into the villagers inventory or a separate chest.

    This is my idea for a new plugin, again, I do not know if this has been done before, but if anyone can make this I would really appreciate it!
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    You could do as SainttX mentioned


    Sethbling's MCedit Filter

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