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    In our server the player can complete missions, these missions will obtain them a title. I was wondering if somebody had started, or already is working, on a plugin to do just this.

    Say player does:

    Collect 50 wood turn into NPC "John" earn titel Lumber Jack. This title would be then displayed before the player name in the prefix section.

    or you could use it for ranks:

    Kill 50 zombies earn title of "Holy Warrior"

    1)The idea is that the titles would be given to a player by an admin, players could earn numerous titles, and then choose from them using a list /title list, they could then set their title by /settitle 1

    2)Player can only have one title active at a time.

    3) There would be a document that the admin could edit to add titles with colors, this way titles could always be created.

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