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    Can someone make a DrawBridge and Secret Doors plugin somewhat similar to Stargate X-Treme

    Basically I want to build a doorway where when i press a button which i can place anywhere it will make blocks disappear from one place and appear some place else.

    For example If I made a 6x4x1 door way with cobblestone, filled it with wood, and then put a button on it, the wood would move from inside the doorway to the base cobble stone block in a horizontal row.

    Better yet it would be nice to have a general block transform plugin where I could format a structure to be one way before and then have that structure when a button is pressed be transformed into anything.

    So a file for the format of this thing would look something like this...

    Symbol = block type (like Stargate's format)
    Format for first structure from bottom to top in layers
    Format for second structure from bottom to top in layers
    Action = # (Tells what happens when button or lever is pressed that is connected to it)
    The # would be some thing like
    Positive numbers = How long the form holds the second format
    0 = You press the button it will hold the format it currently is on till switch back
    Negative numbers = How long the form holds the second format and then is destroyed
    Originally this was a request for drawbridge and hidden doors, but i think if you create what i'd want you'd create this and why limit yourself. The Wormhole X-Treme and Stargate plug-ins almost do this, but they both have problems that prevent this so you could just mod the Wormhole X-treme plugins and likely get what i want... i just don't know how. And you'd also want similar permissions too so yeah... someone please make this ^.^

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