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    What i want is basically Stargate from hMod.. but with an added permissions systems. I know about warp gates, but I have 2 problems with it.
    1. It doesn't have a button & sign combo which allows for easy portal direction setting and destination switching.
    2. When you come out of the portal it seems like you come out a few feet in front of it

    I would like a mix of the two sort of...
    1. A stargate style portal system with a button and a sign
    2. Permissions system that detects the owner of the portal. Allows to co-own by use of /stargate add username or something.
    3. Ability for owners to lock a portal. Possibly with a switch that only they can use, or a command.
    4. Ability for owners to link their portals on a private network with the use of a command. I.E. /stargate network create networkname and then /stargate link portalname networkname
    5. Ability for owners to invite other owners to their network. (Allow them to link their portals there)
    6. Ability for admins to create a public network for use by all

    I have no idea how to make a plugin. This is just what I want to see in a portal plugin.
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