[Request] Some Plugins I would like to see for Bukkit.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Courtney, Jan 11, 2011.

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    [Sorry in advance if some of these were already listed, I went through all requests and didn't see them if they were there]

    [vMinecraft] or something very similar, I absoulutely love that plugin, everything it can do is just amazing! I love the fact that you can change the text color for a group, makes it better for Admins text to stand out.

    [iChat] or something similar, with chat censor and good prefixs.

    [SignEdit], this plugin is great for making important signs signs out, such as signs at spawn.

    [SuperHeat], this is just a great plugin, saves time and is good to use for beifits to donators.

    [Fake Message] Not nessasarily something exactly like this, I honestly just want a plugin that gives the command to do /smsg to send a server message to the server... this is very helpful to other Admins which don't have access to the console.

    [LeafDropper] We definately need this ported or a plugin like it, it's always such a chore to get rid of those damn leaves !

    [MagicSpells] This is always fun to fool around with for Admins, it gives them some fun.

    [SearchIDs] One of my FAVORITE plugins, it's so helpful to just search on the game rather then minimize Minecraft get on your browser and look for the item ID you need.

    Also ... I forget what the plugin name was but it let you remotely restart the server by typing a command in chat ... I would like a plugin like that, it makes it so other Admins who don't have access to the console can restart it if needed.
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    These all sound like great ideas, i would definitely love to see a working noclip mod. This has been voiced by my moderators as well, we really feel it would be best to keep on top of players and possible grief, and it would assist with building performing operations i.e cuboid, worldedit etc.

    Also, my server is primarily a free-build server, but i do have a few players who have asked me things regarding pvp, (and i always have player damage=off) so basically a completely customizable pvp plugin, that could possibly allow pvp=on [player damage=off] to be used only within an "pvp-zone" enabled cuboid or selected area. This would be an awesome plugin.
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    LeafDropper isn't needed anymore, since Notch fixed leafs. They drop now.
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    Some people still like using LeafDropper because it gets rid of the leaves faster and reduces lag.

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