[REQUEST] Simple Zoning, Everything is done - just need someone to make it.

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    Hi there! I'm starting a bukkit server, but i got a problem, Protection. Ofcourse LWC is a gr8 plugin but it doesnt protect a whole house. In a server i use to play on [Server ip is : www.minecraftvillage.com Every player can create their own homezone for free. Like you type /zone add normal, and you will get an unlimited heigh and 20blocks deep 30x30 zone. Everything you place in the is protected, blocks, chest , furnace ,dispencers etc. Now i wonder if someone could create a plugin like that? Because the owner of this server make his own plugins, so this one is hand made and he dont share them. This would really be gr8 for my server.

    So basiclly i think this could be a really popular plugin if maded.

    Commands i though of :

    /zone add normal - Creates a 30x30zone surrounded by fences. (Unlimited high, 20blocks deep)
    /zone add flat - Same thing as /makehome normal, but creates a 30x30 flatland (grass).
    /zone delete - Deletes your homezone, and someone else can create one there.
    /zone tp - Teleport you to your homezone.
    /zone settp - Sets a Teleport target for /zone tp
    /zone allow [Playername] - Allows a player to build or edit things in your zone.
    /zone kick [playername] - Deletes the permission for a player to edit in you zone.
    /zone list - Lists all players that is allowed in your zone.
    /zone help - Display these commands

    - A player is only allowed to have one homezone.
    This plugin would be the ultimate Anti-greif solution for everyserver, and it will even have simple commands.
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