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    In need of a plugin that will deduct 50 rotten flesh when you push a button or flip a lever. This is all I need.. I'm sure it would be simple to code, so if anyone finds a way to make this, I will be in your debt. Thanks!

    EDIT: No commands or Permissions would be needed. This would also apply to all levers and buttons and if you didn't have enough rotten flesh, A message would be sent back to you.
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    I'll make it, it will be ready soon...
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    KeybordPiano459 Check if the inventory contains 50 rotten flesh, and deduct it if it does. Otherwise, stop the event. That would eliminate the need to be holding the flesh. I can add this if you don't want to.
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    Out of bordom, I'll keep you posted ;)

    [√] Open JD-GUI
    [√] Create a new project with everything
    [] Fix the problem (This may take a few mins...)
    [] Export
    [] Upload
    [] Post a link here ;)
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    This seems a little too specialized for me.

    It seems to me that this plugin would be a fine candidate for a config file specifying the "cost", as well as a permission that allows a player to "avoid" the toll.
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    Thanks so much guys!
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    So, here's a question:

    For levers, we charge the "price" no matter the starting state of the lever? So it costs to turn it on and it costs to turn it off?

    Here's an initial cut of the JAR:


    You can find the source code at:


    But it also uses my common libraries, which you can find at:


    I'll have it up on BukkitDev shortly. The approval process often takes a day or two.

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    Very nice! Looks like you have this one under control ;)
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