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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by magicman40, May 12, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Rapsheet&Branding

    What I want: A plugin that can give admins a record of all bans mutes and kicks for a player when the bans and mutes were given and who by also the reason. I would like admins to be able to add comments to their rapsheet if possible. I would like color codes aswell please, thankyou in advance.

    Ideas for commands:
    /rap (player) (Page) (category if possible like mute etc) displays players rapsheet the page is just the older bans/admin comments without the category it just comes up in order of what happened.
    /rap add (player) (message) adds an admins comment or report on the player.
    /rap clear (player) deletes a players rapsheet.
    /rap brand (player) (brand) gives player a prefix which for example [Griefer] magicman40 with color codes and if possible overrides other prefix plugins.
    /rap brandreset (player) removes the players brand.

    Ideas for permissions: I have none but try make them short I hate entering in long permissions

    I would like to have a box pop up in chat for the rap sheet
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    BUMP version 1.7.5 compatability please
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    BUMP 1.7.5 compat please
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    dsouzamatt Could you do this I know you are fairly skilled
    Thankyou if you can but if not I do not mind.
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    Hello !
    I am currently doing a new version of my old VoteKick plugin. I'll add a storage to keep the players stats and history.
    Have a good day, TaG me if you have any question !
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    Shayana So you are going to add a log to record all the kicks mutes and bans that succeed and don't succeed?

    Will it be for just your plugin or will it log the other bans temp bans kicks and mutes aswell?
    What features will it have will it be like the one I have requested?

    P.S. Sorry for all the questions :p
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    magicman40 I'll do this on the weekend for you if Shayana can't add it to their VoteKick plugin before then.
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    Thanks I would much rather this as a seperate plugin if possible dsouzamatt
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    magicman40 Ok, I'll start it tomorrow (Friday, here in Australia) and get back to you by Sunday.
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    Cool Thank you and I live in Australia too
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    magicman40 What plugin does the actual muting, banning and kicking?
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    I am pretty sure it is essentials doing it dsouzamatt

    I will make sure in a minute when I am on my pc

    It is Essentials

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    Those are the ones I use :p
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    magicman40 Ok, I'll have this finished later today.
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    magicman40 I didn't have anyone else to test it with so there will probably be bugs, but here's the plugin.

    Use /rap brand <player> <brand> to brand a player (Colour codes are supported). You will need the permission rap.brand

    Use /rap brandreset <player> to reset a player's brand. You will need the permission rap.brandreset

    When you ban, temp ban, kick or mute a player the plugin will log the time, both players involved and a duration or comment if applicable.

    Use /rap view <player> <page> <ban/tempban/mute/kick> to view a player's records. You will need the permission rap.view

    Use /rap clear <player> to clear a player's records. You will need the permission rap.clear

    Once again, there will probably be a bunch of bugs, so please let me know when you find any and I'll fix them.
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    Can you make it so the plugin overrides groupmanager prefixes? dsouzamatt

    and also will you add the ability to add staff comments to the rapsheet?
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    magicman40 I'm pretty sure there's an option to disable group manager prefixes.

    Also, where should the staff comments be displayed? I'll add them soon soon, I'm just trying to get the basics to work first.
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    Something in chat like umm /rap <player> comments <page>
    and to add a comment do /rap comment <player> <comment>

    for the prefixes i want it so you can still have groupmanager prefixes when there is no rap prefix and when there is a rap prefix it gets rid of the prefix from groupmanager.

    P.S. if you get time could you please add jails to the rapsheet as well?

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