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    Plugin category: Utility, Fun,

    Suggested name: PrisonShops

    What I want: My friend has a prison server and we need a good shop plugin. We don't want to use the classic item frames and signs. We want a virtual chest GUI. I know that several plugins have a shop gui, but i want the user to be able to select how much to sell. I am proposing a user clicks on a steve head, which I will place and it will open a Chest GUI. In this will be items a person can sell, or buy. Each shop made could be customized in the config, and would be able to have Vault support. When a person click on an item to sell it, they should get a list of 1-9 items, and under that a list of 1-9 stacks.

    Ideas for commands: /prisonshops makeshop

    Ideas for permissions: pshops.makeshop

    When I'd like it by: Asap
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  3. Greg. GUIShop, Google it. You can customize items and prices in config.
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    I need to be able to buy it in mass
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    I may be able to throw something together, it may take a few days but could you private message me all the stuff to sell, how much, and how much to sell it for. I need all the information first, I don't want to waste my time, and have it be wrong.
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    use the plugin chest commands i've maked a god shop whit it and hava more intresting features
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    tylerthecreeper1 WTF tyler? So what if I have been replying to a lot, I am an experienced programmer and can make a plugin quickly. Why shouldn't he count on me?
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    Players get annoyed with chestGui shops when they have to click it over and over.

    Okay, I will get a list together

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    Do you have a list?

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