Request: Post-Apocalyptic World Generator

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  1. Plugin Category: World Generator, of course!
    Suggested Name: Post-Apocalyptic World Generator, or whatever you like.
    A Bit About Me: Currently running multiple 100-slot servers, and looking for an apocalyptic theme for an upcoming one, but none of the existing world generators fit the bill.
    What I Want:

    I'm looking for a GOOD world generator for multiplayer (Spout or Bukkit) which creates a post-apocalyptic world. Most of the world can be vanilla, by default, if you like. With all the post-apocalyptic servers about, I'm shocked that this hasn't been done before!

    The world MUST include:

    * Realistic city ruins, as in http://dev.bukkit.or...mods/cityworld/ , except decrepit (missing/tumbled blocks, weeds growing through street blocks, some missing doors/windows, whatever). Interiors should be at least partially furnished.

    * Realistic town ruins; see above.

    * Stretches of wilderness--the cities and towns shouldn't be rare, but nor should they dominate the world. Having them appear at roughly the same frequency & size as a small-to-medium desert biome would work well, I would think.

    The world COULD include:

    * Spiderwebs in corners/missed blocks of buildings. (Preferred)

    * Stairs in place of some floor/wall blocks of like types, to simulate missing pieces. (Preferred)

    * Zombie spawns in the city ruins. (Preferred)

    * Fallout shelters in the wilderness, and/or on the outskirts of city towns--these could consist of bunkers with supplies, perhaps with decayed/overgrown sections & zombie/skeleton spawns.

    * Say 90-95% of the grass outside the cities can be stripped away to be replaced by dirt, and 50% of the trees could be bare, etc.--or you could just leave the wilderness default. Either is fine.

    This world would be used in a large (likely 100-slot) Spout or Bukkit server with heavy RP elements, and if you wrote specifically for us, we would be happy to credit you all over our forums/in-game broadcasts and help get your name recognized, if it's not already, & potentially donate to you for your time.

    When I Want It By: As soon as is reasonably possible. I don't know how much time is taken to code... stuff.

    * * * * *​

    If anyone knows of one that already exists, please let me know. Please do not link me to "city world generators" where the entire world is covered in pristine, unfurnished cities; this is not what I am after.

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    I have been looking for something like this for months let me know if you find one

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