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Does a super hardcore faction sound like a good idea?

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    Hello i plan on making a new server (Super HARDCore Factions) and im looking for a deathban plugin like this <-- (not updated)
    With permissions to let people bypass the deathban

    (oops i meant (super hardcore faction server) in the poll)
  2. I can try this for you.
  3. Should only take a few minutes to code + a minute to test:
    -Player death event
    - -check permission
    - - ban if they don't have permission to bypass ban
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    was thinking about a sever like this at some time! would be great if it was made! plaese link me when its done D:
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    Will do just started working on it having this plugin would help alot :D
  6. So do you need this plugin developed, or are you developing it yourself?
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    well seeing as i have never coded anything or have ever learnt how to code i would like it developed
    if anyone has the spare time to help out
  8. I could develop this right now if you'd like?
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    sounds like a plan
  10. I din't start on creating the plugin because I thought @[Toxiic] Tortoise was going to try to fill this.
  11. I thought since it's been awhile since he commented he may have changed his mind as it's only a small plugin so wouldn't really take more than an hour or so.

    In any case I've started but need to get some sleep, if nothing has been posted when I wake up I'll finish it up and post it.
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    alrighty :D
  13. Well I decided to make the plugin, it only took about 10 mins to create and test it.

    Plugin: DeathBan (open)
    Plugin is simple, it shouldn't break at all (unless Bukkit changes the event system), anyone who dies gets banned, if they have the permission deathban.exempt then they wont be banned.

    DL: DeathBan.jar
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    cool thanks :D

    i was wonding if you could make the death time configurable like say i would like people to just be banned for 10 mins or so after death with a configerable death msg

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  16. Doesn't mean its broken, test it for yourself, people who are commenting on the plugin are saying that it still works.
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    ah cool

    anyways thanks for your time

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  18. I do understand his point though, project inactivity for that long makes it seem like bukkit could change something all of a sudden that breaks the plugin, and there will be no immediate update, making it a little risky to start using a plugin that appears to no longer be supported, assuming that is the case, of course.

    As I did get a fair bit of work done which includes some config and more than just the death ban, I'll finish my plugin and create a project page for it so there is a public, up to date deathban plugin.

    There are indeed some that exist, but as I said I've already done some work on it and it doesn't hurt to have another flavor in the mix.
  19. You can always decompile it than update it.
  20. I'm not a fan of working with someone elses code if it's not a big program and I'm able to code it myself. As I said I already had a bunch done when I went to bed so it's not a problem. :)

    On second thought, I doubt that plugin will include anything that bukkit will change any time soon, and if they do, THAT is the time to make a request for a new plugin (or updated one).

    While I'm happy to make my own version, I thought I would be adding more to it, but looking the plugin over that was linked, mine would be pretty close to what that does. No need to reinvent the wheel etc.

    I'd recommend using that for now, and just for peace of mind PM the dev asking if he still supports the plugin.

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