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    Plugin category: Admin Tools?​

    Suggested name: PermitLinks​

    A bit about me: I'm just a regular server Administrator, I run a survival server called Outlands, there's not really much else to say.​
    I'm not a coder and I was hoping someone else might take this plugin on.​

    What I want: I'd like someone to create a plugin that would stop users from posting links and also have a command to allow people to post links that one time, if they wanted to post another time they would have to get permitted again by an admin/mod​

    Ideas for commands:
    /permit (username) - Allow them to post only one link​
    /permit* (username) - Allow them to post as many links as they want once allowed.​

    Ideas for permissions:
    Allows you to post links without having to be permitted​
    - permit.*​

    Allowing use to the /permit user command to allow other users to post links​
    - permit.user​

    Allowing use to the /permit* command​
    - permit.user.*​

    OR... I just thought of another idea that would probably be more simple.

    A plugin that simply has a blocked sites list, people couldn't post links if there were on the list of blocked sites, and there would be a command to add links to the list without going into the file.
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    Done and done. Not to your exact specifications, but I think you'll still be happy with it.

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