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    i'm currently working on a server where i offer teams of 4-8 people to go in a house and survive against waves of zombies, but there's a little problem..

    see, if i let people play, they can use certain switches and stuff in order to change the difficulty or activate stuff like secret passages or dispensers. and it's quite a hassle to have to refill dispensers and chests and reset all switches after every round.

    what i'd like: a plugin which will reset (parts of) the map when a certain command is entered. i would like to be able to define the part of the map and the default state of it (like setting the two opposite corners) by entering a command (something like /setsave <name>). and then resetting it with something like /resetsave <name>.

    i don't mind how you do it or how fast (though the faster the better :p ) as long as it's a reasonable plugin that isn't too hard to set up.

    i am willing to give a (little) compensation for your work.
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    1. get WorldEdit
    2. Make selection, //copy, //save YourHouseName
    3. //load YourHouseName, //paste
    4. ...
    5. Profit
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    worldedit keeps crashing my server..

    also, with worldedit, don't i need to be in the exact same spot in order to restore it?

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    It's based on where you are when you copy it, so yes. Every week or so we host a zombie house event that is probably almost identical to what you're trying to do. It's an island in a sky island world, but by the end of the even the whole place is basically destroyed, so in the center of the island is a single bedrock block. By standing on that and pasting, I can restore the whole island. You could do the same thing with wraps/manually using the xyz coords, etc.

    I imagine WE is crashing your server because you are (or more likely one of your OPs is) doing something too resource intensive for your server, like replacing a few million blocks at once.

    I suppose if you really wanted, you could have someone code a custom plugin for you that makes use of WorldEdit, but when you can already do it in such a simple fashion, I don't think there's a point in over-complicating what already works.
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    As for the restore part... //regen will do you fine :)

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