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    Possible plugin name: Mystic Forge

    What I want: a plugin that uses a dropper to bless, or "enchant" items. Basically the user puts the required materials into the dropper with the the custom recipe. There would also be a sign on the front of the dropper with a format to activate the dropper as a Mystic Forge. But when the sign is right clicked the forge starts it's process. When the player left clicks on a active forge it shows the time remaining for the forge. When it's done the player right clicks the forge sign and the output is shot out of the dropper as the new item.

    Possible outputs: basic enchantments.
    Example: placing a diamond block with a stone pickaxe into the dropper.
    Right click the forge sign. After the allotted time for the item like (30 minutes) when the player right clicks it again, they get a output of a diamond pickaxe with the name "reinforced pickaxe" and the enchantment is in breaking 8.

    Basic enchantments are the primary focus, I do have a nice idea for it to work with other custom items/enchantments plugins.

    Possible commands:
    /mf give - (op only command) used to give specified item.
    /mf help - basic help
    /mf ench - enchant items pas their basic levels.

    Possible peissions:


    When I need it: no rush, but soon.

    In order for this to work with other custom enchantments/items plugins you could have the output when they right click the sign run commands as a op player. So if another plugin has a custom item that I want to be able to obtain through this plugin and uses a command like this /custom give (player) superpickaxe, then that's a possible output when the player right clicks the forge. Then the recipe is what links to that output.
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    ajisfree I can make it, expect it in about 8-12 hours (about the time when I get back home).
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    Thanks a bunch. If you have any questions or suggestions on the plugin please let me know. I would like to know if it would be possible to have it function able to output items that are custom to other plugins like rpgitems, or more enchantment plugins.

    Debels I forgot to mention a possible success rate. There is a option to have a custom % success rate if it does not succeed it has a default fail or custom fail output.
    Example withy the reinforced pickaxe would be a 60% chance of success and if it fails it outputs a stick and 2 diamonds with 3 PX bottles.

    Custom permissions for this would be

    mysticforge.success.100% - op only 100% success rate
    Mystic forge.success.80% - default false perm. Can be used for donator ranks
    Mysticforge.success.50% - custom success override for 50 50 chance
    Mysticforge.success.standard - standard success rate in config

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    ajisfree post the link to the plugins page so I can take a look at them, since the only results I came out with are abandoned or out dated from 1.5.2

    Yeah I can add a % success rate, here is what I have thought for the configuration file: http://pastie.org/private/7d64qbienwqfvrazl07qg

    Note that the structure of the configuration file might change along the way (It will probably will, I just posted it so you get an idea of what the configuration might look like and all the configuration that it will provide)
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    Debels ok. I looked at the config it looks good so far the plugins I'm currently using on my server that I would like to be compatible are linked below.

    RPG items: (this one is out of date but still works on 1.7.9 I am currently using it)

    Armor abilities:

    Custom Enchantments:

    I'm not sure if this concept works but maybe you could build a type of output that could be defined in the config like (item/cmd)
    If type = item then use the config style you have now
    If type = cmd. Then run a cmd like a command block would.
    Keep in find that's if it was successful.
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    Odds of adding RPG items support are low, since its outdated (ik it doesn't matter much) and it doesn't have API, so I would have to see a work around which currently I don't have the time for trial and error.
    Same with Armor Abilities and with custom enchantments, but on the good side I'm making a plugin for my server that adds more enchantments and some modifications to the game, I might consider releasing it to the public, give a list of enchantments and modifications you would like and if I end up releasing it I'll add them and link MysticForge to it :)

    Edit: I can also do the result type thing, what about:
    • Item
    • Mob
    • Command
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    Great to here I'll make up a list and share them with you With plugin like rpg items and custom enchantments they have a type of /give command. Would the plugin not work if that was a type of output. So instead of of specifying specific enchantments or abilities. The output is just "/rpgirem supersword give $player". That is the "/give" command rpg items has.
    Or another way to link it I guess is having a blessed item to act as a material for a crafting it. So instead of forging the item for rpg item in mystic forge you forge a item like "blessed diamond" then use the custom crafting of rpg items to craft that pickaxe.

    I thank you so much for taking the time to work on this. Debels
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    If they have such commands I can make the plugin run the command and then add the enchantment to it
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    Thanks your the best
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    ajisfree it will take a bit longer to finish the plugin, since I'm adding more features to the plugin and more customization.

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