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    Hello! I would like to request a Morph Mod plugin for bukkit! I am creating a modded survival server, and would like to give access to the popular morph mod (If you kill a mob, you can morph into that mob) I would like a few things in this plugin (I know there are disguise plugins out there, but I want something different)
    • Kill a mob, get the permission to morph into that mob
    • a /morph [Mob] command
    • the player's username over the mob
    • certain permissions (below)
    • all mobs
    • /morph (with no arguments) reverts you to yourself
    • - morph.mob.(mob name)
    • - morph.mob.*
    • - morph.reload
    Thank you so much, If there is any other information you need, feel free to reply. Thank you so much for your time :)
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    This could be possible with VariableTriggers and DisguiseCraft.

    VariableTriggers is a very powerful plugin which lets you execute options or 'variables' when you preform an action, clicking on a block, walking on a block, walking into an area and more importantly, it has an event listener, so you can preform actions to happen when events on the server happen, such as killing a mob. E.g. a player kills a mob, the player runs the command which adds a permission to themselves.

    It takes a bit of time to get used to, but you'll get there.
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    Sounds Interesting, and I will check that out (I would have never thought to look for that). If someone could make that plugin though, that would be great. For now I shall use those two.
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  4. Would like too see A plugin like this :D
  5. CyanClay did someone make this plugin for you?
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    No, not yet, but I am working with Variable Triggers and iDisguise to make a hybrid of this plugin :p
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  7. CyanClay Look at your PM's please

    CyanClay Instead of /morph then the mob name you should have /morph then a gui like this View attachment 21802 It would be simplier prob in the code

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  8. CyanClay Did anyone make you plugin yet?
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    Sorry man, nope. Also, I've been too tied up with getting towny running (Now up and running), and Battlfield running (Custom Plugin, Almost done) , to work on the Variable Triggers plugin.
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    Wouldn't be simpler.

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