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Do you want a revival/successor of Mobbounty?

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    The old Mobbounty plugin hasn't been updated since CB 1337, it is immensly popular judging by the fact that many server admins STILL use it, even while many of the newer mobs are not included.
    From MC 1.2 on, it no longer works :(, I believe its time this Awesome plugin gets a new life!

    If someone were to revive this plugin, or make a worthy successor, that person will earn the gratitude of many!

    What is it supposed to do?
    It lets players earn money by killing mobs, they player who strikes the finishing blow will recieve a configurable amount of ingame cash.
    This is a great (additional) way to power your economy! (not everyone wants to mine for their cash, and mob-hunting is fun!)

    A full revival or worthy successor of Mobbounty should include:

    • Configurable bounty for EVERY mob in the game (be sure to differentiate between tame and wild wolves, normal and electrified creepers... etc.)
    • Ability to set negative bounties (punishment for killing villagers for example)
    • Permissions, to allow/deny players/groups to recieve bounties
    • Multiworld support, to enable/disable all bounties in certain worlds (will save recources as well, no need to monitor events in a creative world...)
    • Vault support (= auto-support for all major economy plugins)
    • Reward multipiers for dawn/day/dusk/night and biomes
    • World-specific multipliers (for if you have a 'hardcore-world', a 'zomby-apocalips', or a 'newb' world)
    • Mobspawner protection, if a spawner is in range of X blocks, no bounty will be recieved
    • Depreciative return, if you keep killing the same mob over and over, you recieve less and less money
    Possible extra's:
    - Mob-specific allow/deny bounty permisisons (so admins can make a 'zombie-hunter'-group... etc.)
    - Admin commands to change any setting ingame (this was included in the original Mobbounty, but I personally consider it of lesser importance)
    - Ranged rewards (random reward within a specific range, also included in orginal, also of lesser importance, but its a nice feature)

    Final word
    If you want to voice your support, or think I left out somthing you deem important, comment!

    Original plugin: Mobbounty

    There is a plugin that can dp almost all of this, its missing the depreciative return and the mob-spawner protection though.
    OtherDrops (thanks Zarius & team)
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    Are you looking for a developer to create a new plugin based on this design or for the original creator of the plugin to update to the new version. If your looking for a new plugin like this I'll be happy to attempt it.
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    The original dev appears to have abandoned this plugin, I am looking for someone who can revive it. I really don't care if that revival is by updating the original code (if possible/allowed) or rewriting from scratch.
    A rewrite might actually be best, since bukkit changed a lot since CB1337.

    If you are willing to give it a go, you will make a lot of people happy.
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    Please either update MobBounty or release something new, as it's useful for many servers. Cheers!
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    I'm going to start another plugin that'll have the features listed at the top, anyone got an idea for the name I don't want to copy the same name?
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    Come on MobBounty :(
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    has the original dev just disappeared?

    it shouldn't be hard to re-do, though having the original code would help.

    if you're looking for some help, i can lend a hand.
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    A good title would be MobHunter, or maybe just MobHunt? I like the first better though. I'll keep trying to think of names.
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    Please do! I LOVE THIS PLUGIN! I want to use it again!
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    Please make this happen, my server loves it and it makes the economy system so much more fun!
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    OtherDrops does all this (& more, eg. custom block drops) except the mobspawner protection & depreciating returns (which is something I'm thinking about) - I'd recommend taking a look.

    Supports all mobs (including 1.2) and data-values (eg. creeper@powered, ocelot@redcat, slime@small, etc). You can create mob-specific bounties and ranges (random value within the range). I haven't added admin commands to change settings though as this tends to remove any user-added comments from the config files which isn't very nice.

    Let me know what you think and/or if there's extra features you'd like to see.
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    If you add the spawner protection and the depreciating returns, we got ourselves a winner... (assuming it all works to my satisfaction).
    Those features are essential to prevent (too easy) exploits.

    Also, I Highly recommend you will make it use Vault, Register is supposed to die (no offence, it just has served its purpose, and may now rest in peace).

    Thank you for pointing out your plugin, and the moneydrop plugin.
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    How to config file (otherdrop) ?
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    I'd recommend starting by downloading it and checking out the configurations in the "plugins/OtherDrops/includes" folder - you can copy/paste some of those into the bottom of "otherdrops-drops.yml" to experiment with them.

    Other than that, read through the OtherDrops BukkitDev page linked above for descriptions of the possible conditions/actions/etc and post a comment there if you need any more specific assistance.

    A basic example of a money drop would be:

      zombie:              # or ANY_CREATURE for all mobs     
        - drop: default    # needed otherwise the money will override normal drop
        - drop: money/10-20 # give killer random currency between 10-20
          message: "You got $%q dollars for killing that $v."
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    Same with TimeRank! TimeRank was actually an essentials for ranks in my server :(
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    Trying the drops plugin right now.

    Sucks.. Very hard to configure.

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    Are you referring to OtherDrops? What in particular did you find hard to configure? Something didn't work, documentation not good enough in a particular area, etc?

    I only ask because I'm always interested in improving it and have added heaps of aliases so you can refer to mobs/blocks by almost any name commonly used (if you think of any I'm missing let me know) and have many pages of documentation to assist with more advanced features. Giving dirt a 5% chance of a diamond drop is as simple as:

        - drop: diamond/1/5%
    Adding money is like this:
        - drop: DEFAULT # otherwise drops override the default drop
        - drop: MONEY/10-30
    I guess the confusing part can be realising that any "configuration" including money will override the default drop - with money drop plugins this usually isn't the case but OtherDrops has grown from being designed to customise block drops where overriding the default drop makes sense.

    I'm trying to find the best way to do this that works with both methods (eg. perhaps have item drops override default but money drops add to default drops).
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    OtherDrops is too hard to config. MobBounty was simple and got to the point.
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    No offence, but I believe you are now mostly stating your own experience and insight in how to configure a(ny) plugin.

    DIRT: # what do you want dirt to drop when broken?
        - drop: DEFAULT #so it drops 1 dirt block-item-thingy
        - drop: diamond/1/2%   #and there is a 2% chance it will also drop 1 diamond
    I dont think you can get it easier than that.

    Granted, Mobbounty was easier, but it was made to only hand out cash for killing mobs, Otherdrops is 'slightly' more advanced. I do regard the config as very intuitive.
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    I agree totaly, i tested OtherDrop a few hr's then i gave up.. Perhaps if it had an easy GUI or web interface.
    But as it is now, no way i can use it since its too hard to configure.
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    Well.. ecoCreature works a ton better!
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply however that does not help me (or anyone reading it) at all. In what way does ecoCreature work "a ton better"?

    Yes, the source is there and listed (on the BukkitDev page) as public domain so anyone could pick this back up if they wanted. Or if someone has time and inclination it would be great to add the depreciation & mobspawner protection to OtherDrops :) (still planning on adding it myself but a bit tight on time).
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    Yea, annoying if someone yells something without decent arguments eh?

    But I do agree, Ecocreature is better for my purpose as well... because it has the mob-farm and spawner protection.
    Both are the reason I'm not going to use OtherDrops yet, (and will never, if those features are not implemented).
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    Yeah, a comment like "it's too hard to configure" or "<x> is better" begs an explanation (to make it clearer to others, at the least).

    Thanks for the feedback :) I certainly appreciate that those who want spawner protection or depreciating rewards (mob-farm protection is already included as an OtherDrops module) wont find OtherDrops as useful - I do plan to add those features at some point (hopefully soon) :)


    I've added spawner protection into the latest beta (2.5-beta2) but in typical OtherDrops style I've made it complicated ;) It's a lot more powerful though.

    You can now add "mobspawnerinradius: x" where 'x' is the radius as a condition. This means you can do anything within OtherDrops abilities when close to a mobspawner - eg. standard 'drop nothing', message the player, poison the player, strike them with lightning, drop 5 spiders for each mob killed (probably wouldn't help if you were farming spiders :D), etc.

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    Zarius Trololol, striking my players with lightning, while they are in their underground mob-spawner-farm hideout... Somehow I suspect they wont get the joke. I do like the more powerful 'if-then' structure you use, it really keeps the server owner in full control.
    Thanks for adding it though, now depreciating rewards shouldn't be much of a problem ;) ?
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    Just an update for anyone still interested in this:
    MCForger has started MobBountyReloaded which looks like it's a continuation of the original MobBounty.

    As mentioned in the original post, OtherDrops may also be an alternative once depreciating returns are implemented - which I hope happens soon because I like the idea of ultra-rare drops :)

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