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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Einheitt11, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Hi guys
    Im requesting now a plugin with that i can make a friework like in this video and maybe that tnt got shot up and then when it explods mobs will flow like in this video:

    I hope someone wants to take the thing.
  2. So you want a plugin that crashes your server cause of massive mob spawning? :confused:

    //EDIT: Just saw that there are people moving in the video. You can see that the server lags from their movement.
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    Might be able to stop some of the lag by completely removing the entities half a second after spawning. Just a wild guess.

    Whats with people that see something cool and want it? They go on a server that has something unique, and then they want to have it for themselves... /rant
  4. The video itself shows that the server has massive lag cause of it, look at the other players that move around... And also you see that in the video the mobs are removed shortly after, it's just the lag that makes you see the mobs longer cause the server sends the updates extreme slow to the clients. That's all I wanted to inform about. Now @Einheitt11 can decide if he still wants it or not ;)
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    I think i want it... because it is fun. But when i can configure how much mobs spawn, then its better. @V10lator thats right with the lagg but with a new plugins there is maybe not so much lagg and by the way i think no big server will use it.(maybe on silvester(;-))

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