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    Hello! I have a awesome and useful idea for a plugin :D

    Ok it could be called lockdown

    Now it only needs 2 commands /lockdown and /unlock

    Now the plugin would "lockdown the server" when the command is typed, all players are kicked, Then the whitelist is turned on and anyone on the whitelist is not able to be kicked. Next it will change The Server's Motd To A custom message, and also add a custom whitelist to it Such as (Server In lockdown Come back later).
    Then if possible could you do something to stop all current activity on the server such as remove all entities,mobs,redstone. So no lag.
    Then /unlock would just restore everything that happened.

    If anyone could make this or something similar I would greatly appreciate it.
    If you need any ideas or such just ask :D

    Please if you are making this, i need it as soon as you can :D

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    Its a nice idea and would be handy if getting massed greifed or hacked.

    But why not just type /stop so it stops your server?

    Or just type /whitelist on then /kick all
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    Exactly, But I'm looking to have it auto change the Motd and add a whitelist message. Plus its a whole lot easier if its just one command
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    There is a plugin just for this search lockdown, the commands are /ld enable /ld disable it doesnt kick but Ops and people with a perm have acces to the server while ld is enabled, it changes motd to The server is in lockdown mode
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    Yeah i checked all of them, But none came to my liking. Could Someone please try to make mine? :D

    Is anyone interested in helping me? I need the plugin asap :D

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    This plugin would be extremely simple. I will see if I have any time this weekend to do it, but until then anyone else is free to do this.

    Also remember if you are trying to get my attention make sure to tag me otherwise I will never see what you wrote :p
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    Just make it yourself.
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    As I said.. If I have time this weekend I will. I have been crazy busy at work and final exams in school next week in school are not exactly helping the situation either..
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    Awesome! Thanks so much! Yeah if you have some free time to make it i would greatly appreciate it :D
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    Ill try making something. This is a great training for me in Java. This will then be my first plugin :3
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    Thank! Maybe you and exload can work together? :D Or however you want! Thanks!
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    Who ever is creating this plugin do you think you could add a permissions?

    - lockdown.lock (locks the server)
    - lockdown.unlock (unlocks the server)
    - lockdown.bypass (if players have this perm they can come on in lockdown)
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    great idea! That would help a lot :D
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    Hello!, just wondering would you be able to incorporate The new ColorCodes into the Motd for the server? Like it could be &4 [Server Under Lockdown] Also how hard would it be to add a Countdown clock? Like
    [Lockdown: 10Mins Left]

    Thanks again :D

    Also the command could be /lockdown (time)

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    Do you happen to play Cheesium? :D
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    Hello woobie xD
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    Would anyone like to make this plugin? :D
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    I made something that kicks people on login that don't have a bypass permission,

    Check AcerKick out.

    Now, turning on the white-list would be redundant....
    I can easily add the motd option in the config.
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    Cool! well if you could add the Motd Changer i would greatly appreciate it! Also how hard would it be to stop all activity on the server like redstone/mobs? just asking. But mostly if you could add the Motd I would be thankful :D

    Edit: Could you make the message able to be configured from in game? Just asking :D
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    Do you wont all the messages configurable in-game or just the MOTD?

    As for the halting server activity, try World Edit's /halt (think that's the command) if that doesn't fit your needs i can look into it ^_^
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    Could it be Ingame :D
    Also i have world edits /halt. Is there a way you could integrate it if i have the plugin installed or would it be easier not to?

    Also would you be able to make the commands /lockdown ? It would help alot :D Thanks so Much!
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    If you already have it, i would not need to integrate it into my plugin.... unless you want other features that it does not do (in which case please list what it doesn't do that you would like to stop.)

    Yes i can add the /lockdown command.
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    no, you cannot integrate someone else's command, you would either override it or break the license. I could try this, tho I don't think I can bring everything back to exactly how they were.
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    Thanks! :D

    Well i was wondering could once i type /lockdown could it lets say run the command /halt ? Like could it check if world edit is installed run the command? Or could you add a part of the config that allowes me to add commands to be run when /lockdown is run?

    Like if i type /lockdown
    It does everything in your plugin
    But i could add the config /halt as the first then /backup? Or is that too complicated?

    I dont mean integrate, what i meant is to check if its installed and run the command for me, without typing /halt in addition to /lockdown :D

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    yup yup can do this.

    What plugin uses /backup?
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    Im not sure lol, My server has a command for a backup script i believe, But dont worry. Just asking if you could! Thanks So Much!
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    apple nick 4
    If you want to run /halt when you execute /lockdown, try something like CommandHelper.
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    Cool thanks! Ill look into that!
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    apple nick 4
    I hit a snag with the commands.... asking for help on the plugin development forum, might be something small i am overlooking...
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    Oh Np at all :D Don't worry take your time :D Thanks so much again!

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