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  1. CrazymanJR People still make requests for plugins that were made custom for a specific server...
    And you referenced quakecraft from Hypixel.
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    the point of the plugin idea was the base it off lazertag in real life (planetlazer) not quakecraft from hypixel
  3. CrazymanJR
    A couple hours ago I noticed that you wanted this to be TDM, not DM, so I had to change quite a bit of stuff. I got it all working now with teams.

    Usually TDM (and DM) has a point limit, which when hit would end the game. Do you want a point limit, or just get as much kills as possible when the game ends? In TDM, the points are simply the total kills on whole team.

    Currently I have it set to 10 minute games, no point limit. When the time ends, the winner is the team with most points. I still have to add the per-player points for gun upgrades and whatnot, I want to finish this team point system first.

    The "GUI to choose team[Blue or Red]" looks like this at the moment:
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    I can change it to whatever you want, I made it for testing.

    I can't remember what I did since the last update, but I've been working on it more and more. It should be finished very soon.
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    looks great, i think u should just change alpha and beta to blue and red. Otherwise it looks great :DFor the points, can u make it so they have to get to 75 points to win the game. And by any change will u be adding a scoreboard to tell them how many points their team has?
  6. CrazymanJR
    75 sounds quite a lot, but that really depends on how many players are playing. The default max players for arenas is 10, so you should probably boost that up. I added minimum player option for arenas, which when reached, the countdown will start (the arena is still joinable while the countdown is running).

    And sure, I'll change Alpha and Beta to Red and Blue. I'll also add the scoreboard thing later.

    Anything else I should add? I still have to figure out the point system and power-ups, though they shouldn't take too long.
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    For the score limit, can u make it 30. And yea i will boost the maximum players up to 24, if u have made it configurable, but otherwise i think its all good
  8. CrazymanJR
    Well 30 sounds way too little, the game could be over in under a minute with 24 players. I'll add a configuration option for the score limit, so you can see what fits you the best.
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    Ok, well if u need any more questions answered then just feel free and ask. Also i was wondering before u release it, if i can test it on ur server so i can see if everything is good. And i think thats it :D
  10. CrazymanJR
    I'm back, I was busy last weekend. Here's what I've done since last update
    • After some trouble, I managed to get the scoreboard working.
    • I changed Alpha and Beta to Red and Blue.
    • "Some" bug fixing
    I also created a GitHub repo so you can follow the progress by my 1 man development team.

    I'm still not quite sure what to do with the points and power-ups. Could you explain how you want these to work? How should they spend the points, is it a GUI or some chat shop etc? And how should I define where and when the power-ups appear?

    Edit: For some reason the words "repo" and "so" like each other so much that they continuously unite to "reposo".
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    Thanks For Creating the github repo so i can check your progress :D. You get points from killing other people in the game and winning the game. You spend the points in the shop (GUI if u can) and they can buy things to upgradge their weapon, upgrade powerups so they last a bit longer (5 sec longer each time you upgrade it). P.S. if u can, can u try to add the points in chat too, but when they join the game it will show how many points they have. An example: [351] [Owner] CrazymanJR: hello
  12. CrazymanJR
    After having a weird brainfart, I added the points. You get 1 point for every kill, 10 points for participation, and 10 more if you win. I'll start working on the shop now, and possibly the power-ups later.

    I don't feel very comfortable messing with the chat format. I could add a configuration setting for this too, but I would have to hook to every permission plugin out there to get their rank.

    I added /lazertag me command to show your stats and points. It shows your kills, deaths, kill/death ratio and points. And some bug fixing as always. For all the changes, you can look at the latest github commit.

    Edit: By the way, the random chat listener in the main class was just for testing :p
    Edit 2: Do you have any suggestions as to what the shop should contain? Other than laser shooting faster (which would be quite op imo), and longer power-ups.
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    Assist I could be butting in here but maybe it takes like 2 shots to kill you instead of one for every other life or somthing
  14. 15987632
    I haven't read through all the comments, but who was ever talking about 1 shot kills?

    I currently have only double points in the shop. The data is saved to the same file as their stats and points are, and are automatically spent after every game. There's a normal double point offer, they receive double points for 1 game, costs 100 points. Then there's a bigger offer, lasts for 5 games and costs 300 points (I'm probably going to raise that, still being less than 500 so it would be better to buy a lot at once).
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    Assist idk I just kinda assume it was a one shot kill idk why. Than u could put in extra hearts or something
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    First, dont worry about the chat format. Second, for the shop can u also add hats (blocks on ur head). The Hats will be stone, iron,gold, and diamond. For Stone it will give u speed for the entire game and for others. For Iron, it will give u jump boost f0r the entire game. For Gold, any oppenont players near a 5 block radious get immobolized for 1 sec. For Diamond, it will give u faster shooting added on ur lazergun. Also For the shop, can u add other guns? For example, wooden gun, stone, iron, gold, and diamond.

    Otherwise the shop looks good :D

    EDIT: btw is the sign format for the plugin the same as i requested? just wondering
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    So how's it going?
  18. Hello, I'm a Plugin Developer and I like the idea of this plugin. I am up for it, but I'd like to be able to contact you so that you can tell me your specifications or change of mind any time along the way.
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    Srry to let u know but assist is working on the project right now but i guess you and him can complete it together or if hes not there for a while then i guess you can continue on it :D this is the github: https://github.com/PZTeam/LazerTag and let me ur skype below, thx
  20. CrazymanJR
    Sorry, but I've completely stopped coding, and no longer will visit Bukkit actively. I find very little time and interest for it.

    You are free to use the code in the GitHub project, I will update the project to the latest version either today or tomorrow.
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    Ok D: We'll thx anyway for getting this far on the project!
    I guess you can finish off the plugin :D
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    What needs to be finished?
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    e1kfws7 I think that's part of what you're finishing... finishing figuring out what he did
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    I'm pretty sure that Assit (the old dev) finished part of the shop but didnt really complete it. what needs to be doen with the shop is to add the other lazer guns (hoes) like iron, gold and diamond that reload faster and shoot faster. also the other thing that needs to be finished is the power ups! hopefully somebody or u can figure out wat to do :D good luck and thanks in advance
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    Not sure if possible, but can't you apply an invisible effect to a minecart and a beacon and just have the minecart spawn at you with an active beacon near the player, so it looks like the player is shooting lasers?
  27. CrazymanJR
    I updated the GitHub, so anyone is free to continue the project.

    The beacon effect is client side, you can't force it to spawn without having a proper beacon core. It would be a vertical beacon anyways, you can't make it horizontal.
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    Ok thanks for the github but one last favor that i need from u. The Favor is, what needs to be finished with the project, so others can finish it?
    Players willl be shooting arrows that come out of the hoe, but i will make a custom texurepack to make it look like its a lazer being shot.
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    BUMP! And also if anybody is coding this minigame, please let me know so i don't bump all the time.

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