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    This is different from simpleshop or any other iconomy plugin. Here's why.
    • Currency is interchangeable (option to set as a physical item/block or a variable)
    • Players can charge other players currency (Player charged will receive confirmation and either decline or accept the charge)
    • Players can pay other players currency
    • Admins have the option of intergrading customizable taxes for specific players or groups (includes the variables "taxname", "amount", "everyxminutes") -- (might be too realistic for some users but think about renting a space or holding a room at an inn)
    /m -c <player> <amount> (Charges a player x amount of currency)
    /m -p <player> <amount> (Gives a player x amount of currency)
    /m -t <player> <taxname> <amount> <everyxminutes> (confirmation by the player)

    This is not an odd plugin that you right click a sign for trade. This is very much different. Let me throw in some scenarios.

    Scenario 1
    Player1 walks into Player2's inn.
    Player1 is new around town, and tries to open the door leading a bedroom which he hears recovers health with iZone. LWC denies Player1 entrance because he does not own the room.
    Player1 wants to know from Player2 if Player1 can buy the room.
    Player2 responds with a jovial "yes" and types "/m -c Player1 23".
    Player1 accepts the charge.
    Player2 then reveals Player1 the password to the door of the room protected by LWC.
    Player2 regains health quietly in his new room.

    Scenario 2
    Player 3 wants Player 4's services to kill the local mobs.
    Player 4 responds that he is charging 4 currency per hostile entity.
    Player 4 kills 10 hostile entity. Player 4 types "/m -c Player3 40"
    Player 3 denys the payment and scams player 4.
    Admin1 forces the payment of Player3 to Player4.

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