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    Recently, Asdjke made it possible to have holographic displays in Minecraft.
    I would like to take this a step further, and make it even easier by having an easy to use plugin that does all the work for you! The commands used to create this are only in the latest snapshots, but the ability to do this is already possible in Bukkit.

    Sample Commands: /holo
    -main command and help

    /holo create [Name of display] [x,y,z] text [Write text here]
    -create a text display at a location(leave blank for current location)

    /holo create [Name of display] [x,y,z] pic [Web URL location of pic]
    -create a picture display at a location(leave blank for current location)

    /holo create [Name of display] [x,y,z] gif [Web URL location of pic]
    -create an animated display at a location(blank for current location)

    /holo delete [Name of display]
    -remove a certain display

    /holo delall
    -remove all displays

    Sample Permissions: holo.create
    -able to create displays

    -only able to create text displays

    -only able to create pic displays

    -only able to create animated displays

    -only able to delete displays

    I do realize this is a lot to ask for, but this plugin will enhance and add detail to many servers.

    As shown is asdjke's video, the Overcast Network will be implementing this technology into their lobby, and many other servers as well.

    Examples: As mentioned above, the Overcast Network is trying this out.


    I have also tested this on my server, although the colors were being weird.

    Many more examples can be found in asdjke's video here or below.

    That's about it. I hope someone is able to make this, and again I am not expecting this to be made instantly or fast.
    Thank you for your time
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    I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I'll be watching this thread :p
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    What commands do the command blocks execute?
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    Some of the commands delete or select an entity, which is only available in the current snapshots
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    I am currently backed up with a few other projects i am working on but as soon as i finish up with one of them i will start working on this :)
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    Awesome, Thank you!
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    Removed flaming posts. Get back on rails.
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    To any developer looking at this request and is interested in making it

    Yesterday a post was created in Plugin Development Resources section of the Bukkit Forums with a way to do this... This way is not compatible with versions AFTER the Protocol Change, but, it works. Click here to be directed to that post.

    There was 2 (maybe 1) people working on updating this to 1.7, Goblom is using NMS (but no longer working on it), and (i think) Garris0n using CraftBukkit classes. There is no word on how much Garris0n has finished or done, but he mentioned that he might make a "cleaner" 1.7 version of it in the future (source)

    Goblom NMS Version is location at this post, and its incomplete source is located at this gist.

    Plugin is in development

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    The reason its dark, it needs direct sunlight.
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    This looks awesome! It would be cool if there was a easy plugin. I know a plugin called HeadMap that allows you to place custom images into maps to use on item frames etc. It would be cool if we could have something like that where you pop in a image into the generated file the plugin creates on server start and you can pop in custom images. Rather than a map a hologram like you said !

    I am defiantly going to watch this thread!
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    Almost there ;)
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    Thats awesome! I am going to check out your plugin now!
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    Glad that you support it :) However, I may be holding it off for a while, have some plans that will optimize it.
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