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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Demonofbirth, Jan 13, 2011.

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    I think it would be cool for a add-on that utilizes the dispensers in a gambling way. (I already have one made for Russian roulette). I was thinking maybe allowing mods or admins to edit the contents of the dispenser and then giving users a set amount of pulls (of the lever) or uses. Also it would be cool if they had to pay some sort of currency like iConomy or maybe having the admin be able to give them a pull if they give them an item first. (/givepull USER #). I would like to use this as a minecraft lotto by putting in a valuable and surrounding it with dirt.

    Excuse me for the small bump but I was also wondering if by chance you could also make it so arrows dispensed from the dispenser 1 hit kill.... would help with the Russian roulette part of this and also be a pretty good gamble for a diamond.... if they do not want to pay they can risk their life.

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    This is nice. I wanted to make a dispenser mod that worked like a vending machine! And this will link up with iConomy or whatever the popular economy plug-in is.
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    Easiest way is probably to make the dispenser shoot 10 arrows at once, should be a very simple mod.
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    Yes good thinking. I really think this would be a fun little mod to have. I honestly don't use iConomy so that part isn't a must but something along what I posted above would be great. And yeah making a vending machine with this would be very easy if iConomy was involved. Have a water output in front of the person with a sign saying what it sells and a lever. lever activates redstone and goes to the vendor and out flows the item. I also had a new idea. How about depending on which side the redstone makes contact with the vendor changes the output item. so you can have 4 buttons that all link to the vendor but on different sides. Kinda of like a real vending machine with different options!
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    Again, sorry for the small bump but I think this is a neat little add-on and would like others to share their opinion on this.
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    Well me and demon made a vending machine in my server. not hard at all. Took about an hour


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    You could just build your own when CraftBook is done. Either use the random ICs, or write one in Pearlstone.
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    yes but very crude and not a final at all... nowhere near final

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