{Request} Diffrent kind of Breathing underwater

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    Im wondering if anyone could make a plugin that,

    Gives you the ability to breathe underwater BUT takes away the ability to breathe on land
    if it could be command based and not so much Item based that would help a lot too but its not necessary

    Im making an underwater city so people who live there can breathe without the
    annoying air bubbles everywere and the rush if your about to drown would be really helpful
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    This is a cool idea, I hope somebody picks it up - I've got too much on my plate to take this one.
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    Hm in theory you could make it, however I think it needs a client mod for working air-bar
    or atleast last I checked the air bars weren't synced between player/server
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    You could set the air bar to 100 if it goes to 99.

    Edit: You should make the breathc change buyable, so if they change it, they got to pay a custom prize.
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    Well yeah but does it acutally sync with server now? I remember it not doing, creating bugs like drowning wiht air left cause the client registered it but cause of e.g. lag the server didn't
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    Well, you'll have to try it.
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    Pinkishu is exactly right about this. What happens is that the server keeps track of how long you have left underwater before you begin to drown, independent of the client's value. If you hack your client so the "air bubbles" never disappear when you are underwater, the server will still start to hurt you at the appropriate time if you are under water long enough.

    SpoutCraft can override this - there is a plugin (ScubaKit) that lets you, for example, have lots more air before drowning if you wear a gold helmet, or a pumpkin helmet. If your client is vanilla, the bubbles disappear at the normal rate, so the plugin says "[ScubaKit] 280 seconds of air remaining" in text, to explain why you're not drowning. If you're running SpoutCraft, however, the bubbles' rate of expenditure can be scaled to match an increase in air supply.

    TL;DR: You don't really have to try it because the outcome of this experiment is known. It's possible to do this but the clientside air supply gauge will be incorrect unless the client is modded. This glitch will be pretty much just cosmetic, but you will have to tell the player about his air supply some other way. As Bukkit can assign damage types to damage it deals, I'm pretty sure it can deal you "DROWNING" type damage in air, so it'd even work with other plugins that tried to mitigate or detect drowning.
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    I have made a plugin that does this albeit with the bubbles in the bottom right and bubbles coming out of your mouth I will upload it soon!

    You can download it from here:

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    Sure I'll add commands in as well as a "GlobalWaterWorld" mode

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