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    Plugin category: fun

    Suggested name: Ore hunt (took me 20 whole seconds to come up with)

    General plugin layout:
    I'd like a plugin that can spawn in 20 or so random ores once every hour in a random location between x:1000-8000 and y 1000-8000. They must be on the ground surface. due to some issues with players claiming the land via factions it would be appropriate to disable all faction commands during this event. So this is what happens the server broadcasts the location 10 mins before the initial spawning then 5 minutes before then maybe 2 mins etc. The broadcast should look something like this: ore cave spawning at (random x coord within 1000 and 8000)x, (random y coord within 1000, 8000)y. Also if the blocks replaced by the ore could be restored that would be awesome.
    if you can find a way to simply put it above ground level that would also be good.

    Ideas for commands:
    possible reload command if you make it public.
    disable command not needed though.
    Ideas for permissions: none, unless you would like to make the ore cave only possible to other people.

    When I'd like it by:
    I've got time

    Things you should know:
    spent along time trying to build this plugin with little to no successes kept failing. So please dont just tell me to make it I tried quite hard :(
    If you have any questions or intend on developing this plugin I would appreciate it if you added me on skype: callmetheboss3
    You may also make it public if you'd like.

    no longer has to support factions no long has to be above ground.

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  2. Well it could be possible but that would be quite a useless even because first when you are placing the ores you have to load the chunk in it then check the surface block level and place above that. After that the problem is if it is placed somewhere inside a ravine then users could mix them up. Also, that is a very huge territory for just 20 blocks so it might need to be variable. Also I think it should be possible to do the event in a different world to all others in the server so you wouldn't have to load the api of multiple plugins to turn them off.
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