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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Rallerbabz, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Hey guys...Could anyone remake this plugin? Its status is unknown so I doubt it is going to be ported...
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    Yeah i second this, was nice to break up the game by watching:
    John12 was turned into obsidian.
    (one minute later)
    John12 has falling to his death.
    (30 secs later)
    John12 was killed by a mob.
    John12 says."screw this"
    John12 rage quits out for a few hours.
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    I was about to do this, but no event for player death is currently available.
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    rTriggers kind of has support for this. Right now, it only seems to work when getting hit by arrows, getting set on fire, and getting hit by creepers; this is mostly 'cause I've kind of faked an on death event using damage events, which aren't all-inclusive yet.
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    No offence but your rTriggers is just freaking complicated otherwise its just bad description :S I can't make it work and I've tried your guide :S
    I'm just searching for a much more simple plugin like Death Notify was.
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    Hopefully this can be ported..
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    It will. The only problems are the not yet implemented damage triggers. We just need to wait for a few more bukkit updates ;)

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    :c Yeah, it's kind of messy. I guess I'll work on making the topic more understandable/shorter. :3

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