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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: PvPEnchants

    What I want: I want a plugin with these enchants:

    Spider bite I-III - Attacking someone gives them Poison II for 3 seconds, if the enchant is I higher than 3 seconds are added - Sword and bow

    Lightning I - Casts lightning on the person you attack - Bow

    Bedrock Breaker I - Able to break bedrock, but takes as long as obsidian - Pickaxe

    Guardian I - If you get this on an item and you die with it, you don't lose it. - Any

    Coward I - Double tap shift and it will teleport you to spawn instantly, but breaks it as soon as you teleport. - Boots

    Dragon's Breath I-III - When right clicking with a sword, it has a chance of shooting a fireball. The higher the I is, the more chance you have.

    Ideas for commands: /pvpenchant "enchant name" "Number"
    example: /pvpenchant dragonsbreath 3

    Ideas for permissions: pvpenchant.enchant

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you want.

    I hope this isn't too hard :3 Also, the enchants should be rare, not you get one every time you enchant.
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    This is a great idea but I don't know if it's possible. Hope it is :)
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    Thanks, also I'm pretty sure it is, as I have seen servers with some custom enchants. ;)
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    Great but if those servers have custom enchants then it means there's a plugin for it or it's just private. Do a search on plugins.bukkit.org, you may be able to find what you're looking for.
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    Yeah, it's private. I searched the forums.
  6. For anyone who wants to do this, I suggest taking a look at this thread. Might help you a bit :)
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    The Gaming Grunts Do you really need to make new enchants? From what I can tell by the post, you could just add a line or two of lore to represent custom enchants and then check if the items have an enchant in the lore when you use them (for all except for the bedrock breaker one, at least).
  8. JRL1004
    The name of the enchantment (Ex. Aqua Affinity) would still be there even if you change the lore.
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    This most definately is possible, I have made custom enchants before. Although I do not support copying servers..*cough, hcraid*
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