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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by RamBooXaGF, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Name Of Plugin?: Better Bans
    Brand?: Admin tools
    What i need?: I need a plugin that allows staff members to punish hackers with 2 steps.
    Step 1) Will send a player to the servers jail for 30 mins
    step 2) Will Temp ban a player for 1 hour
    (Can edit time in config)
    #Custom warns Config file
    #hack punishments
    #In minutes
    I dont know how config works so much :(

    Also a warn system so you can keep track of a players hack warns
    Ideas for permissions:
    /hack (will Punish a player)
    /warns (Will show a players warns)
    /resetwarns (will reset a players warns)
    Ideas for Commands:
    CB.Hack (Allows users to use the /hack command)
    BC.Warns (allows users to use the /warns command
    CB.Warns.Remove (Allows users to /resetwarns)
    When i need it?: As soon as possible
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    None of the other existing ban plugins will work?
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