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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by H3npi, Jan 9, 2011.

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    This would require every single user who connects to have a matching client-sided mod or they'd crash.
    It's possible, but it would a) require two plugins to be kept up to date and b) severely restrict your userbase to people who are willing to and able to install a client sided mod for this
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    But if someone DID develop it, it would create the basis to allow more to be ported. Also on a small server it wouldn't make a big deal because it may only be a few players.
  4. it's still requiring a client side mod.
    which a) notch is against (he's alright with server mods/wrappers for the moment, but lets leave that cus we have other ppl whining about this in the other forums) and b) means updating is more painful.

    It's a nice idea, and one that may, just may, be possible in the far future if notch adds support in for sending models and textures downstream to a client (very unlikely). But to work on it now would be hard, as every update would break it.
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    Like I said, this would be great for small servers of friends, but not for public ones.
    If I could code I would attempt it but I don't know Java.(Though I plan to learn soon because I looked at it and it looks a lot like game maker!)
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    Anything is possible.

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