[Request] Creating Races with Custome Stats

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Zheren, Apr 16, 2011.

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    Hello people.

    I am comming to you with a request.

    As my server improves so do the needs to keep it interesting while giving people a unique feel yet allow them to form groups among themself.

    Now often races have been requested and i made some minor thoughts to it.

    So i come here to ask:

    Would it be possible to create a plugin that customizes playerstats by adding them to a certain permissions group (most likely by allowing / stripping permissions of the plugin)?

    Here are some ideas:

    Ascendant: If part of this race the person can "ascend" (fly) for a limited time.
    Barbarian: Higher amount of hearts, doing extra damage with axes.
    Demon: Immune to damage caused by fire / Lava. Loosing health when under heavy light intensity.
    Dryade / Ent: Degenerates life spending too much time in dark places, takes extra damage from fire, regenerates life slowly while being in well lit places and on dirt.
    Mongol: Faster aslong on snowy / icy ground, more armor while wearing leather, regnerates more hp from raw meat.
    Nomad: Faster on sand, renegerates 1,5x health from food.
    Roman: Extra Armor using Iron Armor equipment, moves faster on certain blocktype set as "street".
    Spartan: Armor out of thin air regenerating over time until a value of 3, dont gets knocked back.
    Viking: Able to swim faster / navigate faster with a boat, has more airbubbles while diving and same harvesting speed underwater as above.

    These are but some ideas that hopefully dont offend anyone. I wanted to add more races but as you can prolly tell from ascendant and demon i tried to stay away from religious believes (well demon might be stil recognised in indian believe) aswell as from thinking along the lines of prejudices.

    I also tried to keep the bonuses somewhat ballanced and matched to the charackter class. Let me say through that i have NO F***ING CLUE how to code anything in bukkit and if the changes i have listed are even possible to be implemented.

    I am sorry if this is not the case and i have wasted your time by letting you read this, but it is something that i think is worth asking for.

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    We have this on our server... 5 factions, and which ever faction you make your tribe part of or join gets an ability... im retweaking it atm cause the Fire guys want to be immune to lava and not just fire.
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    well is it a single plugin or a big variety. because i am looking to have it....well bunched up to allow easy changes.

    Not to mention that i also try to keep some ballance and the recent addition of weather and dimlight works well with the demon race to do overworld stuff aswell as keeping their little cave world a bit darker ^^.

    But also looking forward to have more races for a high and appealing variety :).
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    John Paul

    This would also be great if you can have some Stats along with it for example you got AGI, STR, CON, DEX, INT and which ever you raise in each level you get better stats and stronger(Could be worked with mcMMO) and to do so you type in "/statsraise str 1" or "/sr str 1" and to check it would be "/stats list" and then to check how many points you have you type in "/stats points" Then that would be a good plugin. +1

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