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  1. I know that there are some gambling plugins, but none of them does that:

    Short description:
    Player puts some set types of blocks into a chest and when he reopens the chest he gets something else for it (or nothing depending on his luck)

    Detailed description:

    It would be nice if chest could be craftable like backpacks from realistic backpacks plugin.
    The config file should let the admin set the crafting materials and name of the gambling chest.

    The config should let the admin pick blocks that can be used for gamble and at what % chance what can be won.
    Let's say that player puts a diamond into a chest. When he reopens it he can find inside a diamond tool, 10 diamonds or nothing at all, from which "nothing" has the highest chance to happen.
    If the player put illegal objects into a chest, those objects will disappear. If he leaves winnings inside and close chest again, another draw occurs. If the objects were not suitable for draw, they should disappear.

    That would be a nice commandless way to gamble.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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