[REQUEST] Blocks that keep lore after being placed.

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    Plugin Category: Fixes?

    Suggested name: BlocksKeepLore (?) --Not sure completely

    What I want:
    In Minecraft, if a named/lored block is placed on the ground, then broken, the name/lore reverts back to its origional block name What I want is a simple plugin to where if you place a block that is named/lored, break it it will retain all the names/lore on it. Persisting through restarts/shutdowns is needed as well. Another idea for a similar plugin that would serve a similar purpose is the inability to place a block if it is named to a certain thing. So if a Sponge block is named "Cheese" it wouldn't allow you to place it, then return it, unchanged back in your inventory. Either one of these would surve the same purpose that I need, the first one would probably be best and easier on the person to code.

    Ideas for commands: No commands are needed.

    Ideas for permissions: This is more of a fix plugin of something in Minecraft therefore no permissions are required.

    When I'd like it by: Soon, but im not wanting to rush anyone to do it, I can wait, or if someone could direct me to a plugin I failed at searching for that serves a purpose that I am looking for.
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    This would be cool. I think it's possible to create(but I can't). It would probably need to keep a log of all the lore blocks placed though...
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    This has to store ALOT.. =/

    EDIT: Actually, depends on howmany blocks with lores ya place.
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    I was worried about that, thats why the second option would be good, although the name, commands, perms, etc. would be different.
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    Using a MySQL database, you could rather easily do this.
    Just check if it has lore, and store it there.

    The only issue would be worldediting.
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    Can anyone make this? Or link me to a plugin that does what I'm looking for? :/
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    Bump...again! Anyone?
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    i also need this plugin
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    How the plugin works exaclty?
    What those permissions do?

    This one at startup...
    I get this error every 5 seconds
    This one on disabling

    I renamed with a plugin the head of my skin, than i placed the block.
    When i broke i got two pieces of stone and this error
    Without custom lore and name i picked up normally the head back.
    I used a plugin to rename the lore and the name..
    The folder of the plugin contain another folder called blocks.yml, and inside this one there is nothing.

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    Create this folder + file manually LoreKeeper/blocks.yml
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    what about the other errors?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Modded server?
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    It only works for blocks not for skulls (and probably pistons as well then)
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    LoL could you add a support for skull? Playe's Skull...just that..

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