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    Hey guys I have this great plugin that I need made for a new minigame im making. If you need any more info, (if i did not put enough) please do say something. You will also need to look at the link thats posted at "About The MiniGame" To know what im talking about and to see what im kindiv looking for. Thanks everyone

    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Blitz Minigame Plguin

    What I want:
    Scoreboard on the side that has:
    In The Game: Health, Hunger, Thirst, Warmth, and Energy
    In The Lobby: Wins, Losses, Kills, Deaths

    Items: Well theirs some item (Tools) that need to say something beside axe:

    Rename Items:
    Iron Picaxe [Rename]- Hammer
    Iron Hoe [Rename]- Crowbar
    Lead [Rename]- Grapple
    Wooden hoe [Rename]- Sickle
    Compass [Rename]- Tracker
    Iron ingot [Rename]- Iron Piece
    Diamond [Rename]- Diamond Gem
    Gold Ingot [Rename]- Gold Piece
    Potion of regeneration [Rename]- Healing Cream
    Added Items:
    Tree tap [Add]
    Bandage [Add]
    Blitz Star [Add]
    Ban Items: (Ban these items from the game)
    TNT, fire obsidian, anvils, lava, and mob eggs,

    Sponsors: Add sponsoring were people can sponsor; A menu were people not in the game can access and buy to give to a team.

    Distirct shop: Were teams can access the district shop at any time in the game and buy things that might come in handy

    Achievements. Were a achievement pops up when a player does...etc

    Ideas for commands:

    To Join: /Blitz Join
    -To join the game, gets tp to a lobby

    To Leave: /Blitz Leave
    -Leave the game, gets tp to spawn

    Sponsor: /Sponsor (Team)
    -Sponsor a team with supplies

    Access District Shop: /District S
    -For players in the lobby to get some items

    Join District: /Join District (Number)
    -Join a team

    To View Achievements: /(Player) Achievements
    -View your achievements that you got in the game Blitz

    Staff Members:
    To ban a item: /Ban (Block)
    -Bans a item

    View Districts (Team): /View District (Number)
    -To see who is on what team

    If there is any other commands that you need I can edit this post. I think I might of missed like 10 other commands. Update post will be coming out soon.

    Ideas for permissions: I don't now what is best for the players so I was hoping you can review it and come up with some things.

    When I'd like it by: In 1-5 weeks

    Thanks guys. I think this project will be very fun and great to servers. If you need any more info please do reply with what I could do to make this better.
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    yes this is possible, I can start working on it, but i do need more information on the Achievements, Tree tap, Bandage, Blitz Star
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    I don't know if it's just me, but I can't really see where the link at "About The Minigame." It's probably just because I'm on my iPad... But just to be sure because I don't really know what this is.
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    Im already working on the plugin now! No need to work on it!

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