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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Odai, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Plugin category: economy, RPG, Fun

    Suggested name: "Towns" maybe

    What I want: First i want to apologise for my english, because im german. ^^

    I want to have a Plugin that let you create an area for a town. E.g. you type /town create <a premade size like 50/100/150> <town name> and the Plugin will create an protected area with the entered size as radius and will clear the stuff in the radius and create a wall around it.
    (should only be possible in hight of 64 (waterlevel) or it could make trouble with clearing the area and putting the walls)

    It should have a check that other peole cant do the same right next your town and should have a minimun distance to make their own town.

    Confingurable prices for the sizes.

    You should be able to add other people your town.

    Would be anyone able to do something like that? Or would it be to hard?
    Leave suggestions please.

    greets Odai
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    fromgate Retired Staff

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    why i knowed this would be the first reply :/

    i know towny. i use it, but its to much. to many commands and stuff

    the claiming is to harsh and people allways get confussed by all the commands and options (because all are german, not everyone has good english skills)

    i want it simple. Having the money, type the command and have a complete protected area and can start without learning one command after another.
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    do what I do, make a youtube video in your language on how to use towny, and convince someone to recode towny in german for you. :)
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    The problem is, i dont want to have towny anymore.

    Like i said it has to much stuff that noone needs, and also. I just want a plugin like i tried to discribe.

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