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    Found someone who create me the Plugin..

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    Hello guys my Reqeust is an Plugin that Protect Zones.

    1. I do not want WorldGuard iZone or any other Plugin from here :)

    2. Im ready to pay 100$ or more for a good Quality (PayPal or Somethingelse)

    3. The Plugin also will not get published or anything like that. (only for me)

    4. I want the hole Project if u working with Eclipse

    Ok now the Plugin:

    If it is Possible to make it MySql complitable so for example.
    User-1 creates a Group with /zGroup <name>in this group are the Zones..
    User-1 is an Default Member and can max. 3 Zones with an limit of 75x75 Blocks..
    User-1 define a Zone with /zZone create <groupname> Simple and it will create an Zone with the max. amout of he can do.. like 75x75 Block Bedrock to Skylimit
    User-1 define a Zone with /zZone create <groupname> SimplePoint now he need to define the to points of his Zone.. Point 1 and Point 2 and its also skylimit and bedrock.

    now he create a zone 25x25 and he only can create now an Zone 50x50

    The amount of max. Block must be configurable so i can change it every time..

    to define Zone
    to Add/remove Member
    to define with /zServer
    and one like zZone.Admin or zZone.Member to create Zones with the amount in the Config

                max.Zones: 3
                amount: 75      is 75x75 and for example 5 is 5x5 Blocks
                  max.Zones: *  unlimited
                  amount: * unlimited
    Define tool must be an WoodnSword!
    /zZone create <groupname> <zonename> <mod>                (mod = Simple or SimplePoint)
    /zGroup <groupname>                                      (Creates an Group in MySql)
    /zMember <nameofanuser>                            (its Group based __gives an User Building rights)
    /rMember <nameofanuser>                              (its Group based__removes Building rights)
    (To protect Streets.. after u type /zServer u need to define to points and it automatic expand the region 5 down and 5 up)
    /zReload      (Reloads the Plugin and the Config)
    /zRemove <zoneorgroupname>
    /zBack (to rollback the last Protection.
    /zFind (to toggle an Finding Mod with an WoodSword rightklick)
    i think thats all sry for my bad english :D
    If u want to contact me do it here or on the follow:
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: xKoKSii
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    Why MySQL? :/
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    Because i want to get one name of Group which includes 100 Zones for example :)
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    MySQL is for datasets in the MILLIONS not in the hundreds
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    I'd be happy to take this on. I have a lot of experience with Java and making plugins. Let me know, thanks.
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    He revoked the request :(
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    Oh :(

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