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    I would like to request a plugin witch would help authenticate a user Minecraft account on a website - Similar to what "phpBBManager - Minecraft Forum ctivation" does. On a server with hundreds of players i have a problem with finding one java programmer but suddenly everybody knows php, and i think that's the case everywhere.

    So the idea is that after registrating on a website a player must activate his account with an in-game command + password (/activate <password>). Everyone would have to make their own websites and password generators, the plugin would only handle the MySql database. After an activation attempt (someone using /activate <password>) it would check the "password table" for if the passwords match,

    if yes: change "0" to "1", write in the "activated table" the activated login and send a chat message "your account has been activated"
    if not: send a chat message "sorry, wrong password"
    if already activated / already a "1" in the table: send a chat message "account already activated"

    password table:
    login    passwrd    activated
    chlitto    123    0
    nick123    456    1
    activated table:

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