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    Basically, there is an area where you can plant a bunch of saplings. All the saplings are protected, until they turn into trees at which point the tree can be harvested. When the bottom block of the tree is broken, a sapling is replanted, thus making an auto-tree farm.
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    Ryan Clemente

    I second this, i think this would be pretty cool :D
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    There is already a plugin for this! Yay!

    You can make it so when the bottom log on a tree chopped first, it then plants a sapling directly where the bottom log was.

    You can set it so saplings are protected from destruction, and you can make a timer on them, so say a player wanted to a clear a forest to his house elsewhere, you could set the timer to 200 seconds, so after 200 seconds, the sapling would be removed.

    Or you could set it to never allow them to break it, but like what i said above, they would just not chop the bottom log first!

    (I use this plugin and I would recommend it!) TreeAssist <--- Link

    Hope I helped ya!
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    Ryan Clemente

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