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    Hey guys,
    Iam looking for some sort of Trainstation Plugin.
    Right now iam using a plugin which can link minecarts together. I thought combined with that, it would be really cool to have some sort of a public transportation system besides Gates and TPing.

    Req. Features:
    -link carts to trains
    -If under a rail is a certain block (for instance an iron block) the train or minecart waits there a certain amount and then drive on.
    -optional protection for trains and rails (preventing stealing and placing minecarts or destroying).
    -optional constant fullspeed for minecarts.
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    It is funny you mention this, because I have actually begun creating a large plugin which includes Automated Train Stations, and utilizes the TrainCarts plugin. Perhaps someone could get an idea from that part of my code and work from that?

    EDIT: Link: https://github.com/GoldRushMC/GoldRushPlugin
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    ByteCart does exactly what you describe. BCProtect is another plugin to add protection to the network and carts. It is designed to be a public transportation network. Both are plugins I made.

    Unfortunately I did not add constant speed or timers signs.

    Feel free to ask support if you need some.

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