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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Sepulzera, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Hey folk,

    I'm looking for a simple (team)deathmatch plugin.

    How it should work:
    The admin sets up a scorelimit and when a player reachs this limit the match is over.
    You can gain scores with killing other players.
    Killed players will respawn.

    Like Deathmatch, but the scores are added to the teamscore (means the plugin has to support teams), and when a team reachs the scorelimit the match is over.

    - Scorelimit (configurable)
    - Players gain scores with killing other players (default 1, optional: onfigurable)
    - Admin-command to start the match
    - Winner/Winning Team is shouted in the chat
    - Teams (join team with chat-commands [e.g. "/join team red"])

    - Opt: Players lose scores when getting killed (world, monsters, players)
    - Opt: Respawndelay
    - Opt: Teamchat
    - Opt: No friendly-fire in teams (configurable)
    - Opt: Ranking
    - Opt: Borders players can't pass

    Thats all. No arenas, no borders, no special rules, no special weapons, no damage changes, etc. etc.

    Edit: Deadline would be the 14.10.2011, after it we need sth. like this :)
    Edit2: I'm not looking for an 1hit-kill arena-battle plugin....
  2. wow...this is nice...i might be able to make this...
    uhm...it should have arenas and borders...and some rules and special weps and damage changes...xD
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    Feel free to implement this (thought it might already exist), but please with configuration to turn it off.

    I just need a simple plugin to play with some friends in a more competitive way...
    I don't think an arena is needed, but we would use an other plugin to create borders.

    Well...I'll edit this to my features listing :)
  4. i would need a tester for this...as i have no server that has lots players
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    I don't mind helping your test it btw... :D
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    I'm recoding my SoftAir plugin to add TeamDeathmatch, Deathmatch and TeamDeathMatch with onehitkill system. As soon as i finish it, i hope you'll try this
  7. oh...there you go sepul...that one is better
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    Sorry, but this SoftAir plugin isn't what I'm looking for in any way.

    I DON'T want a plugin changing the gameplay of minecraft (new weps, damage changes, arenas, 1hit-kills, bow+arrow only....).
    I just want a plugin that counts the kills made in the usual minecraft pvp way (sword, arrow, and even with the hand) and makes someone winning when he reaches the scorelimit.
    It should give the minecraft survival a competitive feeling to me and my friends, that we aren't just playing "for fun" (ofc it should make fun too), but that we are playing to smash each other ;)
    Teams should be implemented to.....set up teams to play...in teams^^
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    As it seems Artemis lost his interest in this (at least he doesn't follow the conversation about this anymore), i would like to request it again.

    Really hope anyone will code this, it should just take a few minutes for a good developer :)
  10. There are plenty of plugins that do this. Here are some plugins: (I've listed only a few, but you should be able to find more yourself here and here)
    • War - Multiple open PvP arenas with CTF support. (but it is pretty resource intensive)
    • BattleNight - A fairly simplistic PvP plugin
    • SwordsGame - GunGame, with Spout support. Not exactly what you're looking for, but I find it fun to play (if I may say so myself :p)
    • WarZones - Multiple pre-built arenas with a matchmaking system, probably not what you're looking for
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    The only plugin that fits my idea at least partly would be PvPRankingSystem, but it's fairly way more complicated as i would wish. Also can't manage to even set it up, thought I made some mistakes while installing mysql, whats required for.

    All plugins you posted don't fit my idea in any way. I don't want any arenas, archievements, zones, battle-hours... .

    Just a simple, lightweight plugin that counts the kills of players :\ And if a player reached the scorelimit, a message in the chat will occur.
    10 lines of code... :(
  12. I don't think a server wide PvP plugin would be a good idea, since most servers run multiple maps, and they are huge...
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    Some evil ghost told me, there aren't just huge servers with 1000 players out here, but also little servers with some friends only playing on them, too. And admins of these servers prefer using simple and lightweight plugins, as they think its wasted time to spend 10 hours in setting up any plugin, when they just need 1 of the plenty features.
  14. I don't think PvP without real zones/borders/arenas is very practical...
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    Probably not. But there are plugins solving this issue. No need to develop such stuff again and again ;)

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