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    First of all, thanks for clicking on this tread!

    Please create or post a plugin that forbids multiply usernames per IP. You get kicked if you use another username than you have played for the first time.

    (OPTINAL: a command that can change you 'legit' username)

    IMPORTANT: I no longer use Hamachi! I have port forwarded. I just don't want people having multiple accounts on my server!

    Good Luck
    Very thank you!
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    Uhm question:
    What do you wanna do with players that have a dynamic ip? my ip changes every 24 hours. Just as a side note.
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    What is the point of putting [REQ] on your thread? It's obviously a request in the request category.
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    Sow? Many people does that
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    this would only work for hamachi users.. (because auf dynamic ip's)

    I mean this would work only for servers which use hamachi

    so maybe no one would create it because there are not many servers using hamachi

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    "Many people does that" is not really a reason, even if you said "do".
    Anyway, are you talking about for an offline mode server? People can change their IP really easily. For example, Wikipedia can't ban me :D
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    you're wrong. Lots of servers use hamachi. Thanks anyway

    I use hamachi, offline server. Please help... I need this so bad!

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    I'm not quite interested in making the plugin, however, I do think that you should move away from Hamachi and use port forwarding with it instead, it might give a bit more chance that someone would want to develop the plugin, and it's a lot more efficient than having to download it just to play on your server.

    You're able to change your LAN address very easily, yes, but the WAN... not as much. Some ISP's give you a static WAN for such a long time, and then don't let you renew it, unless you were to specifically request a new one for some reason or another. You can't simply do ipconfig/renew /release to get a new one, unless you're just wanting a new LAN.

    It's very likely that most people will have the same WAN for quite a while, unless they're going through a VPN or proxy.

    So in conclusion, I do believe that although use of Hamachi is a factor with making this plugin, I do believe that it can also be used within the non-hamachi hosted servers as well, considering you're storing the IP's in a database and it's all the same thing, except for the format of the IP's of course. But either way, that shouldn't matter.
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    I'm talking about WAN. People have dynamic WAN IP addresses. You can change it just by shutting your router off overnight.
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    Atomic Fusion

    First of all, please don't use this on the wide internets. It breaks everything.
    I can sortof see why this might be desirable with a controlled network, but it would seem to be a very limited scope.
    Perhaps you've already thought of all of the potential repercussions of what you're asking to do, but perhaps if you were to post what your actual goal is that you want this plugin for, a better solution could be created.

    An interesting spin on this, which would seem to be more useful in a controlled environment (but still terrible on the internet), would be to cause players to be identified by their address, rather than whatever username they claim to have. Then for chat there could be nicknames or something.
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    To all: I use hamachi because I find it a handy programm. I just thought it was easy, because in the data in 'Essentials' there are all players and there you can find her/his IP. I thought filtering was easy, who can help me?
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    Port forwarding is free and doesn't give you viruses.
    And hamachi has nothing to do with essentials........ That's just in the server files when you have the essentials plugins...
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    -_- you seriously?
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    Yep I'm serious.
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    Does bukkit support cracked servers?
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    Atomic Fusion

    Calm please.
    There is no such thing as a cracked server.
    Yes you could, but I can't see a reason why you would.
    There are a couple of questions however. Would there be any way for a user to change what name was associated with their address? Do you have any way of ensuring that only one person wants to use each address?
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    Your profile-picture shows the opposite. :)
    And why should someone add offline-mode except using the server only when he doesn't has internet?
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