[REQ] Stop egg spawned mobs from attacking the player who spawned them

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Brvtvs, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Hi, I am looking for a plugin that simply stops a mob spawned using a spawn egg from attacking the player who spawned them (in survival mode obviously, as creative already blocks it).

    I have looked and so far I have not found something to do this, but if one already exists I would be very happy to learn what it is.

    If not, it is suggestion for any enterprising developers out there, and I would be willing to hire someone to create this (if they are serious and can get it done in a professional manner, quality and time frame).

    Thank you, and any comments on the ultimate difficulty of creating a plugin like this are also welcome.

    - Brvtvs
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    I made a plugin that blocks the usage of spawn eggs and its highly configurable? Honestly i think this would be very hard to do, well maybe not i just have to ponder a bit. If you want i could try to add what you suggested to my plugin? AntiSpawnEgg
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    That would be nice, also because I would probably utilize the other parts of your plugin alongside it.

    Thanks for any further assistance you might provide, I really appreciate it.

    It sort of surprised me that I could find no mention of this, as if you use an egg in survival mode, you just get immediately attacked by what you spawned.
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    Well What i was thinking is the plugin gets the cause of the spawning and if the spawning is from egg, then cancel whatever the event is for mob pursuing players
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    What my goal is is to have the monsters used as a part of combat, so that they do not target the person who spawned them (I do not know if that is an event that you can check who it came from) but would target other players.
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    Its not implemented yet, but this on the todo list for my plugin MobCatcher. It allows you to capture mobs and in return get their spawn egg. If i can figure it out, Ill probably have this idea implemented in a couple days.

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