[REQ] SpoutUser - Plugin to see if he is a Spoutuser

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by theask, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Hey Guys

    Someone who can make a Plugin that other People see if someone is a Spoutuser if theyself use Spout?
    I think that this should be above the head in the name.

    Thx :D
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    Well, there is a command in Spout for OPs to use. /spout version playername
    Not sure why you'd want it above their head though. :p
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    Because not all people on my Server have spout and we have many Spout modifications. So I not know if the Person I see had Spout or not :D
    But if the Person had it above his name I know it... :p
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    @theask I will do it.
    Wait 1h hour ; )
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    k :D Thx
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    1 hour? More like 1 minute :p
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    To show others that players are using spout, maybe give the spout users a prefix ingame e.g * so that players can identify whos using spout. It would also give admins an idea of who is unlikely to use hack clients etc.
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