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    I need some help here, if someone could make a spells plugin where you use paper as spells. All papers look the same.

    "You picked up the spell: [Spell Name] please type /spell to find out what it does!"
    Ability to add custom messages when different spells are used, via config file.
    When using /spell:
    Spell Name: [Name]
    Spell Description: [Be able to customize this.]
    Level Required: [1-20]

    /spell which shows you what the spell you are holding does.
    /spellsall which places all the in game spells in a double chest in front of you (Ops only).
    /stats Which lets you view your level of magic, more powerful spells become available as you level up.
    /meditate which recharges energy for spells. (Energy capacity increases as your spell level goes up.)
    /setlevel which should be used by OPS only to set a players level.

    Easy to add custom spells via config.

    • Lightning
    • Fire
    • Speed Buffs
    • Strength Buffs
    • No Fall Damage
    • Break opponents armor/weapon
    • Insta-Kill
    • Teleport
    • Drain Opponents Energy.
    • 'Freeze' Opponent (Cannot move.)
    • 'Black Hole' (Open up void under target for 5 seconds.)
    • Anything else you could actually put in game would be appreciated.
    Common spells: 6 out 0f 10 chance.
    Uncommon spells: 5 out of 10 chance.
    Rare Spells: 4 out of 10 chance.
    Ultimate spells: 1 out 0f 10 chance.
    Common spells: 8 out of 10 chance.​
    Uncommon spells: 6 out of 10 chance​
    Rare spells: 5 out of 10 chance.​
    Ultimate spells: 2 out of 10 chance.​
    Common spells: 9 out of 10 chance.​
    Uncommon spells: 7 out of 10 chance.​
    Rare spells: 6 out of 10 chance.​
    Legendary spells: 4 out of 10 chance.​
    Common spells: 10 out of 10 chance.​
    Uncommon spells: 10 out of 10 chance.​
    Rare spells: 10 out of 10 chance.​
    Legendary spells: 10 out of 10 chance.​
    (Ender Dragon drops 1 of each category of spells, for example 1 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare, 1 legendary.)​

    Please tell me how this is going. Thanks :D
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    Format and more people will read your request.;)
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    Thanks I will.
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    ill do it

    it will be txt based not with paper tho but i could add the requirement that they must be holding paper to do it and one piece of paper will disappear when they use it
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    No no, I don't want spells to be 1 use. If you have a scroll you can use it as much as you want but after lets say 200 uses it becomes a 'faded scroll' lets say faded scrolls do a quarter of the damage of the original scroll and will, eventually 'disintegrate' or disappear in a cloud of the void dust stuff. thanks.
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    You could do quite a few of these spells with variable triggers combined with other plugins

    but heres some things you should think about...
    1. those spells seem really powerful. do you really want somone having a insta kill spell with 200 uses?
    2. all paper is the same, so im not sure how you could make 1 paper thats fire and another thats lightning
    3. what happens if you have 2 spells and then stack the paper? people will lose spells
    4. what happens if somone drops a paper and picks it back up? the game has no way of knowing they've already discovered it...

    I would get around these things by doing this.
    1. use an item like "Piston Extension" which players are normally UNABLE to get in game
    2. add these items as very rare monster drops (or quest rewards, or from a shop or whatever you like)
    3. you get the scroll and MEMORIZE it (losing the item but giving you a spell (By giving you a made up permission like "fire.spell"
    4. you could make it need an item in hand (spell reageant or wand). but you would set which spell you're currently using with a command (and could change back to other spells you've learned at will)
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    its not a bad idea and you are right about the paper you cant have a piece of paper for on spell and a different piece for another spell things don't work that way.... you could make an item for a wand and then use text based spell casting!
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    np98765 has been working on a Harry Potter spells plugin and it's pretty cool!
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    I came up with a better way, I will be making dungeons, which the extremely powerful spells will drop from NPC's you kill. Also for the spell memorizing thing, written books. if you die you cannot suddenly have a god spell whenever you want.
    These NPC's will have 1000-10k health, so they are not easy to kill.

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