[REQ] Spawn Zombie on Player's death

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Blackbirddddd, Nov 18, 2012.

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    When a player dies a Zombie will spawn in there place.
    I'd also appreciate it if you could have a config so you can decide if this only happens at night or not.
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    That's basically one line of VariableTriggers. Trigger event playerdeath + Entity ZOMBIE 1 <triggerloc>
    If I recall correctly, you cannot check day or night with VT, but you can check the light level.
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    Amazing how many things can be done with a couple of lines using VariableTriggers plugin :cool:
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    Can also be easily done with OtherDrops, which can actually be locked to only happen at night and not just light levels.
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    OtherDrops example:
      - drop: ZOMBIE
        time: night
  7. i can do this if you still want it done
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    Do you know how to code? If you do, then just make a Zombie entity replace the Person's entity on the EventHandler PlayerDeathEvent. Do NOT use PlayerRespawnEvent, because it will spawn a Zombie at a different location where the player respawns. You wouldn't want that! xD

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