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What is your opinion on this request?

  1. There's already world guard, we don't need this

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  3. Its absolutly needed!

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  6. It has some nice original ideas, but not enough to be a seperate plugin

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  7. It needs improvement (please post a possible way to improve it)

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    Now, don't immediately go and yell "THERE'S ALREADY WORLD GUARD!" because this is different, its more like an area effects idea than an anti-grief idea. Basically, it would allow you to define an area and give it properties (yes, including anti-grief ones, but not just anti-grief ones). Example properties include:

    • Area inventory- Just like the old cuboid one, the player will access a different inventory, exclusive to that area
    • Creeper explosions- Basically, whether or not a creeper can destroy blocks
    • Ghast explosions- The same as the creeper one, but with fireballs
    • TNT- whether or not TNT is allowed use disallowed blocks
    • Explosions- Whether or not explosions in general are allowed
    • Fire- Whether or not fire is allowed use disallowed blocks
    • Building- Whether or not the blocks can placed or destroyed by people
    • Editable- Whether or not the area can be changed at all
    • Reverting- Sets a time for the area to revert to the state it was in when it was set as reverting(basically, like a special editable option)
    • Warping allowed- Whether or not one can warp to or from the area
    • Auto-healing- Whether or not and how much per second players heal within the area
    • Mobs- What individual mobs cannot spawn in the area (can be set as all)
    • All of the existing world-guard properties(just because they are nice)
    • Allowed/Disallowed groups/players- Lets you allow/disallow certain groups or players to enter the area
    • Invincibility- Turns damage on or off in the area (maybe even to only certain things, like drowning or lava)
    • Buy-able- self-explainable, also the price of the area
    • Owner- the area's owner. only the owner can edit or delete the area
    • Disallowed blocks- blocks that will automatically revert to air if present in the area

    Feel free to add to the suggestion with even more properties. I would really appreciate this, a lot! This plugin would introduce tons of possibilities. Also, sorry if its absolute hell to code, atleast it would be kinda worth it for all of the pay-off!
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    Regios sounds like what you are looking for. Its coded by @Adamki11s
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    Thanks, I kinda overlooked it when i was searching because it didn't have area inventory,a big thing i wanted. However, I'm mainly wanting all of that stuff (and maybe that lightning thing, too, its nice) in one plugin for more funtionality. If I tried this with multiple plugins, I would have to sell an area multiple times before it meant anything.
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    Nice ideas, but a lot of that is already in WorldGuard. (Actually, most of that is.)

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