[REQ] Slow Health Regeneration

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    Plugin category: Mechanics, General, Miscellaneous.

    Suggested name: HealthConfig

    A bit about me: I'm a private server admin for friends and family. I have been into Minecraft and Bukkit servers for about a year. I try and keep everything as vanilla and clean as possible.

    What I want: I am going to set up a separate server on a different port to host a Hunger Games map. I have nearly everything I need except a way to manage health. I don't want health that doesn't regenerate and I think the default time is too fast. I would love a plugin that can change how fast your health regenerates, like these (1, 2, 3) inactive ones.

    Ideas for commands: I don't think this plugin needs any commands.

    Ideas for permissions: heathconfig.normal would give that player normal regeneration time. healthconfig.custom would give the custom time set in configuration file.

    Ideas for configuration file: Permissions=true/false. If false then active in all worlds, or only listed in worlds.
    Worlds: If permission=fale, then worlds plugin is activated in.
    OpHealthNormal=true/false If true, then ops get normal health.
    CustomRegTime=# in Milliseconds or seconds that you get half a heart. (Ex. 30000 would give you a half heart every 30 seconds)

    When I'd like it by: Hopefully within a week. I'm in no hurry, but this seems like a simple plugin even though I'm no programmer. I wouldn't really mind if one of the 3 I posted were updated instead of this.

    Similar plugin requests: None that I know of.

    Thanks, Nick.
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    I'll try developing it (No Promises).
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    Thanks. Hopefully it goes well.
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    Heres a beta could you try it tell me if it makes a config?
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    Tested it Config doesn't Generate :/

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    Here is a little autogenerating integer configuration example if you need. :)

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    Well looks like config doesn't like me :p
    I even tried a dataStream method
    So It's manual
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    I couldn't get it to set a custom time. The server says it is enabled, and I set the regen time to 30000 and it still seems to be the default.

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