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    how about a simple plugin that you right click a sign that says slot machine and it rolls a random chance to give money

    Iconomy of course lol

    like a 10c machine a 25c machine and then a 1$ machine with customizible payouts

    would that be too hard?
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    get the lottery plugin.
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    wheres that? and does it pay out iConomy money?
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    yep. but i just read that it needs to be ported over. so maybe you could request it to be made...
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    If anyone would feel like a challenge. its a really simple concept (I just dont know java well)

    3 different machines for variety

    so a sign that you can type like

    Line 1: [SLOTS]
    Line 2: {Price}

    that you right click to activate

    so it'd look like

    .50 or 1.0 etc etc

    Have it roll 3 times and send a chat message to the player like

    J | 7 | C Sorry you're not a winner. Try again.


    J | J | J JACKPOT!!! payout 10000:1 Reward .50 x 10000 = 5000
    and have it add the money to an iconomy account

    Red 7

    Of course keep the frequency of jackpot showing up less than that of a bar showing up

    The payouts could be configurable too. but if not the general payouts should be

    Jackpot = 10000:1
    Red 7 = 3000:1
    Cherries = 1000:1
    Heart = 500:1
    Bar = 100:1
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    Interesting idea, I was thinking of something like this.
    I'll begin working on one. :)
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    I hope you take my suggestions on the mechanics of it. You're the man!
    Good Luck!
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    you do know that a slot machine is actually quite easy to make. well, as soon as the random number generator(1 or 3 bit i forgot) for craftbook comes out
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    Do you want all the outcomes to be equal ?
    eg :
    1/5 chance of J
    1/5 chance of 7
    1/5 chance of C

    Or be biased toward the lower paying ones ?
    Here is what I have right now :
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    awesome. cant wait for a release!
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    If you could make that customizable that would be cool but id imagine like:

    J 1/8
    7 1/6
    C 1/4
    H 1/2
    B 1/2

    and wow youve already coded the payouts and stuff? thats amazing.
    Lemme try to explain what i originally stated now that im not super tired lol

    3 rolls of these possible outcomes

    J 7 C H B

    If you get 3 of one type. You win

    Payouts should be customizable.

    Amount to use machine should be defined on the sign

    so the formula would be

    (Amount used on sign) x (payout amount) = money credited to iconomy accuont of player


    Player comes up to slot machine and the sign say


    *right clicks it*

    It Rolls and displays message
    "J | J | 7 Sorry you lose. Try Again!"

    *right clicks again*

    " J | J | J WINNER! Jackpot payout 1:10000"
    10000.0 has been credited to your account!

    PLEASE try to make this compatible with fakepermissions and groupmanager :p
    I dont use permissions.
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    Ok it seems to work exactly like you said with saving/loading and a config file, though the chances will need to add up to 1 so I'll make it :
    1/8 - J
    1/8 - 7
    1/6 - C
    1/4 - H
    1/3 - B

    I also made it Permissions compatible so I'll need to also add on Group Manager :\
    How it works is first you use /slots create (if you have the permission to)
    then left click on a sign with [Slots] on the first line and the price on the second line.
    You can right click on the sign to roll, the sign is also unbreakable if it is still a slot machine. You can fix by removing using /slots remove and then left clicking on the sign that is the slot machine. (If you prefer to watch your roll on the sign only use /slots message)
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    Dude. you made it work already? you're a freaking genius lol
    are the payouts customizable?
    and can we get a demo? :p
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    I'll be releasing a real slot machine soon, with spinning ores!
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    honestly? doubt it. nothing in minecraft can spin.
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    We'll see about that, I developed the plugin for SynapseSMP.com, Join there if you want a sneek peak ;)
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    i applied now im waiting for approval...
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    Phantom Index

    lol good to go.
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    lol i went to go ask the moderator to see your casino and i was told you closed it to perfect it... any chance i could get access? :D
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    Phantom Index

    Sure log on and call for me.
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    Any idea of an ETA? Or need testers? I'm dying to get my hands on the plugin.

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