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    I want some sort of plugin that allows players to change their skin even if they are offline users so if someone finds a skin they want they can send it to me through something like email or link and then I can download it and put it into a folder and then they can use a command like /skins choose <FileName> and it will change there skin and to maybe have iConomy Support...Like maybe we can have a folder called "saves" and it will hold all the skins and configs for each one like How much it costs, which users are currently using it, and also have logs for who, when, and where a player used the skin. (Maybe make it mobdisquise compatible I know this is possible without clients because there was a plugin before called "Herobrine" and you could turn into herobrine! With the skin and name above your head!) Maybe no names or keep your current name or change the playername to the filename such as if I have a file called Creeper.png the username would be "Creeper"

    thanks to anyone who helps are supports this idea :)

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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    Not possible without Spout.
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    The only way this would be possible is to get a plugin called 'MobDisguise' or 'DisguiseCraft' and get them to type the command do type in to the mob/player.
    Only way. Sorry.
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    itsCrafted is correct, that would be the only way without Spout, and then everybody on your server would need the SpoutCraft client to see the affect. I also highly suggest formatting this.
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