[REQ] SimpleTPA - TPA'ing without Essentials [DONE BY SUSHI!]

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  1. Nope, the Builder only adds the classes to Commands/Events that it needs and it edits the plugin.yml. I would say that that's a Builder as it creates a customized version of CommandsEX.
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    With CommandsEX, a plugin with only the /tpa command is 171.3 KB. There is a lot of extra bloat there, since you can make a plugin with just the /tpa in 10 KB.
  3. Yeah, there's some helper classes that stay there but they are never actually initialized so it won't cause any extra lag/load.
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    ._. [Req] Isn't that against the rules? I'm thinking off the top of my head..
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    This was made before the No [REQ] rule guidelines was made.
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    Oh :3 I did't know :D I guess the rules are pretty recent then...

    EDIT: Or just that rule

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